Fund a Librem 5 app how does it work?

I wanted to fund an app or two - but when i come to paying there is a statement of my two apps i wanted to fund with $0 charge and then it say FYA donation $xxx

What is this FYA??

fya : fund your app

If you select multiple apps, they appear as zero-dollar items in your shopping cart, and then there’s the actual donation.

I think that’s because they abuse the shop system to count votes :upside_down_face:

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See also: About 'fund-your-app'

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It’s not direct funding of a specific app. As the funding page says, it’s a vote. It’s also based on the number of votes and not the amount donated. If it’s individual items in the cart, then they can easily rank the number of ‘apps purchased’ from their store.
They are currently in the process of hiring someone to work on these apps.

Ok I understand
Thank you

Thank you for your answer

Ok. Thanks for the answer.