What's trying to unlock the keyring?

I’ve enjoyed playing around with my L5, but I’m confused by something trying to unlock the (GNOME?) keyring at every boot. How would I determine what program that is? I don’t think it started happening until after I installed a few packages, but it’s been awhile.

Curiously, that keyring password is also different from my password for the purism user.


Geary, the mail client, will ask for the password to unlock the default keyring - but that should only happen when you launch Geary.

But without knowing what those “few packages” are it is difficult to guess.

A messenger application of some kind?

And you would need to clarify exactly which keyring you are talking about (since the Gnome environment allows you to have many different and independent keyrings).

I would regard that as de rigueur. If you are going to set the keyring password (for a particular keyring) to be equal to the purism user password then to some extent you might as well unlock the keyring automatically on login (which may not work yet on the Librem 5 but is a possibility).

I always get that message immediately after login to the L5. I haven’t even set up Geary or any other mail client on the phone since I reflashed it to byzantium, and there’s no other login set up besides the L5 itself, according to the Passwords and Keys app. But come to think of it, it must be the password for Backups, which refuses to persist.

Quite annoying to have to enter two passwords. (I’m using the same one for both.)

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Chatty requires it with matrix account enabled - as far as I know.


I don’t have any passwords prompts i think you can edit the keychain password to be blank and it will not ask. Maybe not secure, but i care mostly about convenience.

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Do you remember enabling any startup applications? I made Geary a startup app, so I get prompted for a keyring password at startup.

I don’t know how to do this but if you can get a screenshot that will at least tell us which keyring it is attempting to unlock, which may then give clues as to what application is requesting access to that keyring.

Mine only offers: “The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer.”

I’m now reasonably sure it came from adding a SIP account to the phone app. Still, it’d be nice to unlock it automatically on boot.

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Yeah and I think this is a known current limitation.

I haven’t looked at any sources or anything but I think the problem is: on a regular desktop/laptop you have to log in explicitly by choosing a username and entering the password, which then can optionally unlock the login keyring using the same password via PAM, whereas on the Librem 5 that log in process never happens at all. It may be that if you can persuade the desktop manager to present that normal login screen before you actually log in then the login keyring would get unlocked.

It may also be that if you don’t care about security then you could change the login keyring password to something different from your actual purism password and run a ‘script’ at login that will unlock the login keyring explicitly using a plaintext exposed password. (That wouldn’t be obscenely terrible if you are using encryption on the root partition, which I suppose most Librem 5 customers are?)

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