What's your estimated shipping batch? (poll)

Now that e-mails about estimated shipping batch for Librem 5 are being been sent out (https://puri.sm/posts/what-librem-5-batch-am-i-in/), I thought it would be fun to try to see what the distribution between batches looks like. What does your e-mail say?

  • Birch (Nov 2019)
  • Chestnut (Dec 2019)
  • Dogwood (Jan-Mar 2020)
  • Evergreen (Apr-Jun 2020)
  • Other (?)

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seems everyone has evergreen up until now. 42 min into the post. maybe the batches before have been allocated to the librem 5 w/ monitor kit, as those are mostly for business.

Not everyone has got the email yet.


I voted Birch, because I originally got the email allowing me to accept a Birch phone, but I chose to move to Evergreen, so these latest emails informed me that I am in Evergreen.

I ordered Day 1 of the campaign, and I think I was within the first 100 people to order, so that is how I got the option for Birch.

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I just got an email saying i would get the FIR batch, and that my evr green shipment was incorrect. Anyone else? Personally not that bothered. Just hoping it actually ships XD. What a ride I hope I get no more false expectations this wait is killing me!!! Weaver stop pulling the carrot away!!! :weary:



You were contacted this week indicating that you are scheduled for the
“Evergreen” shipping batch (scheduled for this coming March). This was sent in
error as you had previously selected to be included in the “Fir” batch. Your
updated and correct shipping window is below.

Your estimated shipping batch:
“Fir” Batch - Q4 2020

Going from March to Q4 has certainly killed a bit of my excitement :(. Though now that I remember fir had an updated cpu model I’m excited again lol.


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But the e-mail seems to indicate that you have selected Fir by yourself? As far as I know nobody should be placed in Fir against their will.


Same for me. I also received the message

“Fir” Batch - Q4 2020

  1. Dogwood
  2. Chestnut
  3. Evergreen

If Fir would be also an option, I would prefer Fir over Chestnut and Evergreen.

So I think they really read my Email :grinning:


It was my last choice, yes. I’m remembering it now. It’s the batch with the updated cpu. Am I crazy though, I no longer see it listed as a batch at all.

All batches were defined here: https://puri.sm/posts/librem-5-shipping-announcement/

Just in case: I don’t think there will be any problem if you have second thoughts and would like to switch to Evergreen after all :wink:

Wait, what ?? I didn’t know that was possible.
I also wanted Fir, but since it wasn’t an option offered in their email , I selected Evergreen.
Especially knowing the thermal issues and efficiency they are struggling with, I would be most comfortable with Fir. On the other hand , who wants to wait another year.
So, frustrating :slight_smile:

Ah! there’s the right link. Thank you. I’m game to see how it goes. For a minute I forgot Fir was a batch at all and was super confused. I choose it over evergreen (my other choices were earlier models) because I figure if I was waiting till the end I might as well hope with 14nm there would be thermal and battery benefits.

Just a guy showing early signs of Alzheimer’s please move along :slight_smile:


for me it’s as i expected … evergreen and fir … though i don’t know when that Fir “begins” … i’m feeling furry …

If you had gotten Birch, I bet that someone on this forum would have been willing to pay extra for it. I’m glad I didn’t have the option to get Birch, because that would have been a really tough decision for me.

A Birch phone means you have fun taking it apart and taking photos of its parts just to show the world. And then all the fun you can have trying to make it overheat and calculating how much energy it is sucking.
Oh a $600 toy that only half works! That is too much of a temptation for me.

This is where the adult in me says, “Now, you need to be practical. Don’t waste your money on frivolous toys.” The problem is the little kid in me can’t resist. Me want! Me want NOW! No wait!


For those interested pinephone is now available for early adopters. I will be ordering one next payday. It will be interesting to see which one I get first, one I’ve been waiting for more than two years or one I learned about a month or so ago

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Lucky . Fir is the Gen 2 is im not mistaken with the 14nm CPU . I wasn’t even given the option for Fir .

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Can you please post a link who to order it. Thanks

Just reply to that preference mail again and say you want Fir. That’s how you get it.


i wasn’t either but i tend to “force” people into outside-the-box-thinking … :wink:

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I was put in Evergreen. I’m from Toronto, Canada (I think where you live is an important factor). If they’re relying on Industry Canada to approve something it may be longer. Meh, I’ve already waited two years, it’s not going to kill me to be patient for a bit more. The important part is. they’re working on it :slight_smile: