Whats your opinion on the new (2017) TouchPad?

Back when I still had a desktop I worked with (mainly Ubuntu) Linux for about 7 years. Since I then needed a laptop for work I resided to having a MacBook Air. That suits me well, and I love the smoothness of many things, but I would rather get back to Linux. Recently I bough an Alpha Litebook, but the touchpad is simply horrible and it makes it impossible to use on a daily basis.

Enter Purism; I love the sleek looks of the laptops, the fact that it’s a company really going for open source and privacy, and that it looks like it’s built to last. The only thing I’m unsure about is the touchpad, and since I intend to use it about 10 hours a day (for both business and personal use), the touchpad is the most important thing for me. I would like to go for the Librem 13 and I understand the touchpad in the rev2 is a lot better than in rev1.

Can you comment on how the touchpad works in the Librem 13 rev2? How smooth is two-finger scrolling? If you have experience with Apple touchpads; is it comparable? What would you like to be improved on the touchpad (if anything)? All experiences and thoughts are welcome!

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Former MacBook and Air user I think the touchpad is fine. Though OSx has more easily built in shortcuts (to programs and such), in PureOS you can still zoom and change the workplace/desktop. Yet, whenever I have a mouse with me I use it, with both OSs’. Scrolling works fine and you can either use multiple fingers to double/middle click or just press at a certain position on the track pad.

Overall I like the way the operating system behaves and a sense of security more than with my macs. And if you plan on installing linux on a MacBook you should check possible comparability issues.

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