Wheels not turning!

The animated wheels turning on the opening pages of the apps have lost their momentum!
What app or folder do I have to install/ restore to get the wheels turning again?
Thank you (((again))) :pray:

You’re saying the app still loads, but the little wheel (which is, for some reason, called a throbber) isn’t animated?

Thank you for explaining, yes the throbbed is not turning but the pages load normally.
I think that’s connected to gnome tweaks?

Perhaps it is because Proud Mary keeps on burning?

And we’re rolling, … rolling, … rolling on the river!


Funny :smile: !!

By installing again “gnome-tweaks”, the throbbed is turning, the “V” is jumping. Flipped on the animation switch! Thereafter purged the “gnome-tweaks” app.
Rebooted and everything is working normally.
Thank you :pray:

To answer your question, sudo apt remove gdm3 gave me the next answer, gdm3 not installed to delete the files “girl……” use command sudo apt autoremove.
This got rid of all unnecessary junk files.
Everything is working fine.
Thank you Quarnero!