When is the class action lawsuit?

Hello, this message will not be new to many.

I have ordered librem 14 & librem 5 (jan 2019), being very early for both products.
I got a refund for 14 (how, im not sure)
I have continually asked for refund for 5. Nothing.

I have since sent 12 emails between customer support, getting estimates or just “wait” replies.

The worst part is now i am on some sort of scam email list, where Todd W (CEO) is begging for funding from the community for purism. Scam??
That is illegal, because i’m assuming community is not entirely accredited investors.
Also immoral, take money, promise delivery of goods for payment, repeatedly shift the ship date farther out.

I believe I am entitled to a refund of librem 5, especially if “new investment funds” are coming in.

Dear Purism,
Your mission statement is right, very needed, and idealistic.
Cut the fucking bullshit though and stop lying to thousands of people to scam them.

I expect a class action lawsuit to occur, and when it does I will support it.
Purism, please rectify your shitty mistakes.

What are these? You should be precise when you point out other people’s mistakes.

If you are referring to being in a difficult economic situation, that rarely qualifies as a “shitty mistake”, and more often often is the result of simple bad luck.

This does not exclude that Purism might have made mistakes though. But then we go back to the initial point: you should be precise when you point out other people’s mistakes.

This post pretty clearly violates our forum policies. Not a good start for your first post. I’d suggest you re-read the FAQ before posting again.