When was PureOS initially released?

Hello, community! Greetings to @mladen and @todd-weaver. I have questions regarding PureOS history after finding no satisfying source:

1) When did PureOS initially released?
Both Wikipedia and Distrowatch don’t give any clue nor exact source for this.

(as we all know for example Ubuntu was 2004, Trisquel was 2005, etc.)

2) Where did PureOS originated?

  • Was it France? As www.pureos.org appeared to be.
  • Was it United States? As Wikipedia stated.
  • Is www.pureos.org (not pureos.net) a part of Purism’s PureOS? I am confused with this France project with same name.

(as we all know for example Ubuntu was from UK, Trisquel was from Spain, etc.)

3) Is Distrowatch page correct stating it was France/2009? (link)

  • Who is Marc Poirette? See link above.
  • Is it correct to use Purism’s PureOS logo on that France distro with same name? See link above.

I hope I can get satisfying answers here. I need these data for my book I am currently writing about GNU/Linux which includes PureOS. Thank you very much in advance.

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considering that PureOS is based on Debian it is safe to say that it’s got at least two decades worth of hard work behind it … it is GNU endorsed free-software so it’s easy to fork and modify yourself or if not by yourself then by somebody you pay to do it for you.

Thanks for your reply but I am sorry it does not answer my question.

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Perhaps you could look at the source code:
or PureOS bug tracker:
or PureOS wiki:

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Both is correct. Distrowatch release announcements cover the “old” PureOS.
For reference, see: https://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census/PureOS

I think I read that Purism made an agreement to re-use that name, or to be the official successor. I think that agreement is the base for Purism to switch to release version 8, as the old one ended with 7.
8 reflecting the Debian base, of course.

Previous Purism PureOSes had lower numbers, clashing with “old” PureOS.
I’m not sure where I read about that agreement. Probably here in the forums, as the old PureOS blog post don’t seem to have it. I also don’t see a PureOS 8 announcement there. Only 2 and 3.
Still, interesting history for you:


I agree (read/guess the same). And to be exact the PureOS project, @Malsasa is mentioning (the one that is referred to), was abandoned on 21 Apr 2014.


Thanks @fsflover and @Caliga. I will check them out first. I am currently applying new account at Tracker and exploring the repository. I cannot figure out the PureOS history or initial release in that repository. Could you please elaborate, @fsflover?

I’d rather check the old blog posts I linked above.
For example, on the latest page you’ll find out that PureOS before 2 was Trisquel based (that’s how I read it).

I also guess, from the above, PureOS 2 came with Librem 15v2, which implies PureOS 1 with v1.
Just look at the other blog posts of 2015 to confirm.