When/where can I get a Librem Key?

I just read this post on the official news/blog: https://puri.sm/posts/purism-and-nitrokey-partner-to-build-purekey-for-purisms-librem-laptops/

I’d love to try this out on my Librem 15v3 w/ TPM. Where can I get the “Librem Key” mentioned in the article, as well as the instructions for setting it all up?

On our webshop, once it is ready for public. It will be announced on our news blog.

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This sounds like a great idea for the disk encryption password and your login password, but if it is intended to support other general two-factor authentication, beware. I bought a Yubikey budget hardware key that supports FIDO and U2F and it hardly works with any services other than Google. The idea of keeping all your keys on a single device is great in principle.

I have two Yubikeys. I use them for Google, GitHub, and Facebook. One of the two I have also functions as an OpenPGP smartcard. There’s nothing wrong with Yubikey hardware, just not many services have adopted the FIDO standard yet. But public pressure does influence adoption, and Google and Facebook are huge parts of most people’s lives on the Internet. So it’s not like they’re useless, they actually work very well at protecting the accounts that they protect.