When will Librem 5 be shipped for recent orders?

Hey friends,

I’m thinking about ordering a Librem 5. I could not find any information about when the Librem 5 will be shipped, if ordered now (January, 2021) to Germany. I only could find some informations which suggests, that the early supporters should get there phones in the first six months (so until May 2021 ?!).

So, do you have any information or is there another space, where these topics are discussed?

Did you read this post? -> https://puri.sm/posts/librem-5-update-shipping-estimates-and-cpu-supply-chain/

I don’t think purism can answer the question. They already posted some deadlines, but the covid pandemic kinda broke all of this.

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The page where you order the phone:

Place your order now, get it in a few months!

I would calculate with 6 months +/- 3.
And in one or two months, the uncertainty factor should be much lower.
Shipping to Germany does not affect it much btw. I think my last shipment took like 10 days.


Cool! Thank you all for your quick responses!

I didn’t see that post but it seems to be, like you said: There is no clear answer yet.

So I think I will have a look again in one or two months, like you said @Caliga !