When will librem 5 start shipping?

Everuone here want it asap, but i thibk we should care more about the main goal: have a libre smartphone. I don’t care if they will ship it on mid 2020 because is important this project succeed more than have a phone asap. If they fail because ppl are hurry it’s a shame, and if they fail no one else will try again after firefox/ubuntu/purism fail.
So be patient and think about the main goal.
Any android aosp run on closed source firmware so is not safe, pinephone will have closed blobs too, purism is our only chance to be free on mobile, so if they will miss the Q3 it’s fine to me and i hope this mentality will reach also all the people who preordered this phone

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There you have it.

During LinuxFestNorthWest, rumors surfaced that it will be July, and the announcements a) price will go up shortly before shipment b) price will go up in June, hint in that direction, but given the latest status update, I’m not really convinced.
I mean, of course, it would be the perfect marketing story, at the end of the Librem One crowdfunding campaign, to unveil the Librem 5 on independence day.

But also, Q3 does not seem completely unrealistic, so I guess we’ll just have to see :slight_smile:

A couple days ago, someone asked Purism if they were on track to ship the Librem 5 in Q3, in Librem Social.

The answer was ‘Yes’. That said, my iPhone 6s is still working. If the Librem 5 ships any time this year, I will be delighted :slightly_smiling_face:


They forgot to ask ‘Q3 of 2019’, and they didn’t specified it in the answer either. :slight_smile:

Latest blog post says

That price goes up at the end of July

So it looks like they plan shipping in August or September.


It’s possible Purism is holding out on major updates for a special announcement. Things like final design, final specs and hardware choices. I’m guessing this because of manufacturing time. To deliver a phone in 2 to 3 months production needs to be going on now. Cooking boards, semiconductor placement and wave soldering machines are fast but manufacturing companies won’t have them sitting idle. There’s also post production (packaging and such, unless Purism does that in house?) to be done followed by shipping to Purism.

If my logic is sound and Purism is staying true to their word as far as price going up just before shipping and the recent Librem Social comment a phone should be in production now.

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Yeah I have to agree. It has to be in production if that timeline is correct. Do you think they will flash the software at the factory or will they do that in-house and then package in-house? I am hoping there will be “easter eggs” for the unboxing.

Thank you!
Same thoughts here

They were still testing cameras and modems two weeks ago.
The design doesn’t seem final yet, and not a word about a prototype.

Pine 64 announced his prototype for July or August while their smartphone is supposed to be released later.

Purism timeline does not seem realistic to me…

As I feared. From Phoronix.com:

“…have to raise pricing as they’ve reportedly burned through much of their original funding and according to sources already took on a few million dollars in outside funding.”

I’m taking the rumors about an imminent roll out with a grain of salt - Purism has already blown two deadlines on this project. To have a product in consumers hands in <60 days they would have to of already ordered the parts for the contract manufacturer to put together. So they’ve either already finalized their Bill of Materials (and not told anyone) and ordered the parts OR they are still plodding along and we probably won’t see the phone before 2020.

As deadlines pass, costs mount. If the report on Phoronix is correct Purism is going to have make some hard choices to come out of this in one piece. They’ll have to stick with less expensive hardware options but to admit that now would hinder their pre-orders. As the Librem 5’s specs approach what the Pine phone has for $150 it will be harder for most people to justify the ~$500 price premium and buy a similar phone from Purism.

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They can buy custom PinePhone to Pine64, install PureOS and rebrand it :sweat_smile:

It will also be interesting to see how the shipping timeline develops for PinePhone (see this UBports Forum message for an insight into this). It looks like they won’t arrive until 2020, so the race is still on. (Not that there’s actually a race, of course.)


Yes, it’s not a race and the challenges are not the same.

Pine64 does not seek to have a 100% free software smartphone and it does not have developers working on a new mobile OS (PureOS / GNOME Mobile).


They potentially have 110 days to meet the deadline if they stretch “in Q3” to its limit. Still, we’re pretty much at the point where the hardware list has to be finalized if production is going to start in time. It would be strange for them to have done so and not announced it.

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I would prefer to stay on topic about the librem 5 and not to speculate if others will come late (too) as this is a false argument in my opinion. Not that I have any reason to doubt that the librem 5 will start shipping as they repeated that claim in the last update again… I’ll just wait and enjoy :slight_smile:


Actually I’m curious as to “how much” will the price go up?

I pre-ordered one, wanted to check it out a little before getting the wife the same.

But if the price goes up after the first shipment, maybe I should pre-order the second one now?

(Currently using an old Verizon Andoid 4 wth the keyboard slider. Held on as long as I could, on my 3rd battery, I think the USB plug is finally wearing out for charging purposes.)


The price is currently $649 (the price I paid). I believe it is going up to $699. I am trying to remember where I saw that though.


I can double that. pretty shute it was in the blog posts. Its gone up from 599 to 649 and will go up to 699



At $699 I would not mind the price increase getting a second one after using it for a month or two.

If it were something like $999, I’d order the 2nd one now while the price is still low.

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If you go here:


The phone is listed as on sale at $649, and the full price is listed as $699, so I think that’s where that number comes from