When will librem 5 start shipping?


I can double that. pretty shute it was in the blog posts. Its gone up from 599 to 649 and will go up to 699



At $699 I would not mind the price increase getting a second one after using it for a month or two.

If it were something like $999, I’d order the 2nd one now while the price is still low.


If you go here:


The phone is listed as on sale at $649, and the full price is listed as $699, so I think that’s where that number comes from


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LOL dear s3ns0r you appeat to be more like a troll than a user and i explain why

Purism wrote about baseband, it was clear since beginning, if you did not found this info shame on you not them.

https://puri.sm/products/librem-5/ lf “baseband” in the page is write and well explained

Than you suggest PinePhone (that’s is another great project i hope to succeed) that have more closed source part than librem5, but you suggest it over librem5 just because of basebandm so in your opinion it’s better to suggest a more closed phone, but write false and bad things about a more open.

Your posts looks too weird to be real


All indications (to me) are that this will be nothing short of a totally awesome phone, complete hardware to software integration. Not a Linux operating system on-top of some Google Nexus phone. Please be patient. I’d rather it be done right.
…it’s also not gonna be some cheap, easily compromised Raspberry Pi phone.


Purism is releasing videos (1 per day starting yesterday) (First and Second). At the end of each video they are still saying it will be released third quarter this year. Things are looking pretty smooth running on the three applications we can see running in the two videos (Terminal, Solitaire, and gEdit).
This is a great benefit running pure Linux as they don’t have to write all that software as well. Software written for Linux should run out of the box, given there is a scaling routine running to convert from a desktop native to app to mobile native.
I use lollipop on my desktop and it does a great job for scaling between desktop native to a mobile native layout just by resizing the window.
These are exciting videos to see!


I bet on July 4th announcement, independence day


Yes and these videos are doing a lot to assuage my fears. It doesn’t run half bad on the unfinished hardware. So if it runs better than that on the finalized software I will be happy. The one thing I worry about is that they are doing everything with a stylus on these videos. hopefully the actual UI will be finger friendly. the on screen keyboard appears to be quite cramped.


Thanks for the info. Good stuff.


I think the Stylus is just for precision in the videos :wink:


thanks that does answer my question. I can’t wait for this thing.


Wow! Someone republished my video on YouTube! :open_mouth: Well, at least it got 1 like. :blush:


Do you have the original link? I’d rather follow you and like your video.


I also wondered where I had seen that before and found it in the “End of May Progress” post, and enriched the timeline accordingly :wink:
Librem 5 — Development Chronology


It would be great, if the videos are publishen on peertube too.


They are working on it (commented on that on several of the daily posts over on Librem Social).


Did anyone else notice the sidenote in this announcement?

Side note: If you pre-order the Librem 5 before July 31st, you save $50. And fifty bucks is fifty bucks.

So it seems preorders will be available until at least July 31st. Unlikely it will ship before August? I’m just hungry for clues like anyone else tbh :smiley:


Good observation :sunglasses:
I never really expected July anyway. I expect final specs / announcement in July.
But quite likely, production will not start before August, so shipping might still be September.


Obviously, we don’t know all the story.
Hardware design seems to be more advanced than the news on the official website suggests.