When will librem 5 start shipping?


Certainly, they know whether it’s going to be 4 or 8 GB of RAM :slight_smile:
Most likely, they also know the camera. Or, they currently try to be 100% certain that some better module will work.
Best case scenario, they’ll show us a real prototype in July :slight_smile:


Would be super rad if they could show a prototype at a Linux meeting/expo. (BTW infinite high five if you get to have a prototype to show us in Europe)


seems like our s3ns0rs will finnally get their wish to compare it to the samsung note 10 releasing later in q3.


Combine that side note with the statement found in this article:

“You can preorder the phone at $649 until shipping begins and regular pricing comes into effect.”

This leaves for only one logical conclusion:
The phone will start shipping on July 31st…



This leaves for only one logical conclusion:
The phone will start shipping on July 31st…

I like to believe that your wishful logic won’t apply

I hope that Purism developers will stick to the objective of
making the most amazing Librem 5 by maximizing development time
as long as necessary & realistically possible.


yes but I would say that the hardware part is basically done at this point. Everything else is software and that can all be done with an update.


How do you know that about the hardware. I have not seen any L5 until know. And Q3 goes until September 30, IIRC.


It is somewhat implied by “shipping in Q3”. In the updates about the dev-kits it was implied that from the final Go! to first output/samples it takes somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks (closest statement I could find quickly).
So, beginning of August should be the latest to give the final go, unless they already have.
And as I hope that they test samples before producing thousands, “basically done” seems a fair assumption, given that the above 2018 update also said “phone design schematics are pretty much complete”.

Impatiently waiting for the July update…


Agreed there has to be some more information coming down the pipe hopefully in that july update. Right now we are all guessing and hoping.


I bought this phone and I’m waiting for the moment when they’ll show that … the phone calls. This was the last problem they were talking about.


Then why aren’t they telling people? They are taking peoples money already, after all?
To be honest, I, like many other people here, moved away from conventional companies in preference for companies and communities that treat their users with respect. But purisms silence on this issue is not a great example of the respect I am talking about I’m afraid…


If there is not much time, it is better to spend on work rather than on conversation.


It takes five seconds to update the specs on the faq from “3 GB minimum (subject to change)” to “4 GB” or “6 GB” or whatsoever. But perhaps the ram is still subject to change … who knows.


I dislike this argument. “Don’t spend 2 seconds telling us how much ram, keep working on the phone!” Yet they release stuff like this news story. Great, thanks, it takes 3 minutes to do something ONCE after you get your laptop. Writing this story takes more time then telling us “hey it’s 4GB”.

Which means they don’t have the phones built yet, or the hardware purchased. Right? so how are they shipping within the next 3 months? ugh.


I am awaiting my L5 with the expectation and excitement of a child on Christmas Eve, however progress announcements give rise to the possibility of a development problem that has not been shared with the community. I am happy to wait longer - I would just like to know :slight_smile:


Would make no sense IMO to build up expectations with daily videos, obviously leading towards an announcement / release, combined with “Preorder special pricing ($649) ends when general availability and shipping begins” and “Sale ends July 31st”.

Now, I’ll not bet on shipping on August 1st, but building up this marketing stunt only to conclude it with a delay announcement would be… not smart.


In my thread people were saying “an update by July 1st or July 4th” …

I kind of expect an update on Sept 30th “Yeah, so, we have everything… we’re just building the phones now to be shipped. soz”.

I bet I’ll be in the 3rd or 4th batch and get mine some time next year because I ordered near the end of the campaign, after they already reached their goal.


They are still a company even if they are an SPC. There is nothing wrong with building expectation that culminates in an announcement. That is not dishonesty that is marketing. I am sure they are in a lot of discussion behind the scenes with their vendors and suppliers and what not for this device. Do you expect they will release every conference call and email? I don’t, I want them to announce when they have real information that is fully fleshed out and polished. That makes way more sense then releasing half baked information and then having to go back on that announcement later if things change.


so what about the daily videos of “This is all running on development kit hardware and non-final software”

I dont want conference calls. I just want more updates. To assume they have no set in stone decisions since the last update suggests they’re not even close to having a product for us to use.


Obviously that bet was wrong, but it was not a promise by Purism.
Anyway, the monthly update is soon due.

On the other hand, we got a video series that obviously has a goal. They put a lot of effort into creating 28, 35 or more videos and you just don’t suddenly end such a series and then say. “Oh, well… maybe next year”. That would be a bad marketing move, and I don’t think Purism will do that.