When will librem 5 start shipping?


I guess I was wrong. I expected them to have it available to really “order” today and no company leaves you uncertain when you are getting the product.
Even though, the price is 699, it still shows “pre-order”. So, they don’t have to be as specific.
It’s just strange how they went about it. We are having 3rd “pre-order” now.



there will be a poll first - but it seems that the poll is not yet finalized.


Well, would be nice to know when I will most likely have to pay an extra 120 Bucks for taxes.


I seem to recall the early preorder price would remain until general availability of the phone. Since the price went up one can only assume the first batch is already enroute to customers.


Except for the module issue.


That’s what I kinda expected.
But, they never changed “pre-order” status into “order”. Also, no more details about the hardware, instead of posting the actual picture of the phone , they reverted it to the old mock up and left Q3 as estimated shipping.
None of these indicates that the device is finished , let alone being packaged and shipped.
Don’t wanna make a full 180 here, but it seems like best case they start shopping mid to late September.

And one more [crucial] fact
Since the final decision on baseband modem was made just recently, in the announcement it’s said that there are 2 options, which will be offered to chose from prior to shipment. So, original backers would-be already receiving emails , asking them what modem they would like installed.


They seem to be a little bit slow when it comes to updating the store pages and such. They’re still using the original mockup render, for example, and even well past midnight on the first of this month, the price had not yet been updated and it was still available for $649 until later that day. They also didn’t update the specs on the store very quickly after announcing the finalized specifications.

I would love to get more frequent updates regarding the hardware and how things are progressing in general, but I’m sure we’ll get something with the upcoming monthly update if nothing else.

We’re only one month into Q3 anyway.


It’s still “preorder” for me :



Ok you’re right. I only looked at these two pages:



But even there now I see that not as a button but in the text it states ‘pre-order’


Now, that we have another set of hideous tariffs announced for all goods from China (I think 20%), including electronic parts and cell phones, I’m worried that Purism is gonna get hit really hard.
First, for all the placed orders (can’t charge ppl retroactively) and later be forced to raise the price, which is already too high for most at this point (699). They probably won’t raise it, but it means they gonna lose expected profits…


In theory they should have gotten (by now) the parts needed for at the very least the first shipment of phones. If they haven’t. Well things will get ugly thanks to Emperor Cheeto.


That’s what I was hoping for - at least first batches to be ready for assembly here in US.


If it’s any consolation, that will probably apply across a vast array of tech goods, not just those sold by Purism, since so much is made in China these days.


Well, then they need to ship directly to Germany and assemble it there - even better :wink:


Of course. The problem is that small companies like Purism can’t absorb it like the big corporations.


Ok so my 5 year old phone died, it was a Nokia 1520.3 and was on Windows mobile 10. I really really need my preorder (since Feb) phone soon or I will be force to get something else. Hell no to android and IOS but if i have I feel so handycapped. I know they want the librem 5 to be right leaving the gate, I really need this soon.


I was in the same boat, couldn’t wait anymore so I caved and bought a pixel 3a. Nice to have a phone that works again but man it sucks knowing that purism might announce a shipping date any moment.

Anyway if you need a phone as bad as I did $17 a month with no interest the 3a is pretty affordable.


Mmmm for how many months? Well, choosing a Pixel when you are interested in a Librem 5 it’s a bit a nonsense… It’s pretty much the opposite!


Indeed, Pixel phone still lacks privacy and user control. Even it has pre-installed apps under Google, plus some additional bloatwares depending on which cellular companies you brought from. I’m surprise to see no Facebook pre-installed app on the list but I never have seen a Pixel phone personally, just what information from websites said. So maybe it’s still there lingering somewhere collecting your data regardless among with Google.

Data collecting scheme is the modern slavery nowadays. That’s why stocks have been wild. You’re making CEOs of FANG, including monopoly internet/cellular companies, richer by exploiting off you and you are paying for it. 200 years ago, most people didn’t see anything wrong with exploiting the people of color for slavery as owners of cotton/tobacco farms became so wealthy. 200 years later from today, most future people may find the same shameness as we do of our past, that if only people actually evolve for the better.

If you work on discovering some scientific formulas, recipes, or invent something, how do you know FANG aren’t stealing your creations into their own then claim copyrights? Even if you haven’t finished inventing or discovering something, your half work still could be glimpsed given them plenty ideas from your work, even if you don’t work for any of them. It’s not competitve, it’s monopoly in most perversion ways as slave owners did. Ads is just their greedy excuse obviously one is to drain as much out what’s in your wallets as possible but you can bet that’s not the only reason. Most of ads are merely decoys as distractions for public from FANG’s actual intentions of accessing your datas for their own gain. Considering 99% of ads I have see never were attractive for me to buy. Think about how could they wasted so much of their time, resources, and money throwing ads at you and why.

I’m still waiting for Librem 5 so I can get rid of my Samsung phone cuz it still has many pre-installed apps that I cannot completely remove or delete. Disable is just a ruse, even some apps cannot be disabled. It’s very much like going to store shopping for some underwears and discovered they were already used with visible soiled stain on it. That’s how I feel.


I assume that you bought the Pixel 3A for the camera. Have you tried LineageOS on the Pixel 3A? How good is the camera in LineageOS on the Pixel 3A?

I’m going to wait to see how good the camera is in the Librem 5 and whether I can run Anbox inside PureOS (since I have an Android app to maintain). I really would like to avoid buying another Android phone.