When will librem 5 start shipping?


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I just bought Moto X4 - Android One on motorola.com $200 at 0% interest for 24 months - less than $9/month.
It’s runs latest Android Pie w July security patch, but in case you don’t want to deal w Google,
This phone has unlockable bootloader and huge community support, so you can do whatever you want with OS


I agree, but I didn’t choose it instead of the librem 5 I already bought a librem as well. I need a phone that works and without knowing when the librem is coming I couldn’t wait anymore. When I get my librem I will either give the 3a to my wife or sell it.


Exactly. I also needed a reliable phone at a low price, until this thing finally arrives


Hey guys I have another question. As mentioned the Librem 5 comes either with the PLS8-E or the PLS8-US modem. When I ordered mine there was no option to choose from. I live in the EU, will we automatically get a phone with the correct modem depending on the country we ordered from?


If I was going for the spybrick I probably would have gotten a zenfone 6 or the LG V50

But nah . The L5 is exactly what the doctor ordered .


If you need a reliable phone with good features, just take a pixel 2 or 3a, flash it with twrp and use lineagos without (! :wink: google services until the librem 5 arrives.


do they still make AOSP roms?


There are 2 more modems now to choose from, the BM818-E1 and BM818-A1. I am guessing that they will ask us what we want once the phone gets released. Deciding modem based on the country that was ordered from is stupid because some people may go on vacations with the phone or buy one during a vacation or through a VPN and in many cases the choice between a PLS8 or BM818 may not be made depending on the country in which it will be used but rather on other features like speed or the countries of production.


AFAIK stopped long ago


i had stopped using them cause i had ton of galaxy note devices and you lost spen support with AOSP . i loved how minimalist they were though.


I was wondering if 3rd quarter release meant calendar year or fiscal year? Fiscal year could mean different months than what is expected.


At this point I’m thinking 3rd quarter of this century , So around 2075 we should have our phones haha j/k purism . Take your time :slight_smile:


Fiscal years typically precede calendar years (eg. for the US, the federal government FY20 will begin on 1 Oct, 2019), so no, I don’t think we’re getting it in 3Q FY19, which probably ended in June :wink:


Considering that Purism doesn’t even have a publicly-released fiscal years, I’m very sure that Purism is talking about Q3 of the calendar year.


Hello. I moved home between the time I ordered and today. Is Purism supposed to ask us for confirmation of our address before launching the product? Thank you.


Considering that they will ask which modem to be installed before shipping, you will have the opportunity to correct that. Also, what you can do right now, is to contact CS via email and have them update your address.


If you log on to your account, you can update your addresses. Your prior order details will still display the old address as it was at time of order, but your current info will have been updated.


I do hope that you are correct. The process to be implemented would typically offer a choice, but the silence in details of this hardware since the posting of the final specs has been deafening. Normally some option other than the color choice or the size of memory block is spelled out for those choosing one or the other option. Just giving names of manufacturers and no details seems rather bizarre.
I do hope the choice is presented and some potential address correction or other communication might be given then. I am skeptical concerning this with the limited definition of what the choice even might mean.
Have many out there heard much about Broadmi even?
I would note that address submission might be made through the Support contact as well?


Having a reliable smartphone is a must for a good many. I was using iPhone while I had on call for hospitals for ease of function with coworkers who only trusted that all would have similar phones, mostly those ignorant of the utility of various options. Since retiring from Medicine I have used an Android Gemini trying something novel and liking the idea of the keyboard, but the quality is not there and the update process is poor with my Nougat not yet even Oreo and security updates left pending, even when needed. I should have gone with a Pixel. Otherwise unreliable Android updates make it a joke. I was slow to update iPhone and 2 updates there were a bit quirky and I was glad that I had waited a few days. But honestly: still at Nougat for the Gemini-awful!
If you have to go Android good luck.
As much as I need a smartphone, none of the choices up to now have been terribly good.
You might consider a Samsung 9 or 10 with e Foundation software offered by Gael Duval and his people with their modified system. Heaven knows how good an improvement it might be on Android-unless it is worse! We really do get dumped with a load of cr_p on the nice hardware by most of the market.


This is a small company, so you can’t expect them to have the same procedures as the rest of the big players. What’s important is that though understaffed, they are really working hard. They will respond to your email relatively quickly and help you resolve any of the issues you have So far , I had nothing but great experience.
I don’t think you will have any of the options you mentioned. The only thing you’ll be able to choose is the modem.