When will librem 5 start shipping?


You have seen

right? So you can be the most informed about your batch preferences


Well that was a very nice post with detailed explanations. Mr. Weaver seems to have a very good proofreader prior to publication as well.


I went ahead and received a refund for my purchase of the Librem5. I will go back and purchase a new phone once all of the bugs are ironed out. Hopefully by then, the chipset, wifi, and specs are commensurate to other major phones in the marketplace.


I totally get it bro. I’m about on the same page but not quite there yet. I’m scheduled now for evergreen so just decided I’ll wait it out. In the meantime I’ve ordered a pinephone which seems will be more useable out of the gate. I did get a braveheart edition but from what I can tell it will at least be useable on arrival


Not quite, it’s clearly written it will be shipped without OS so you’d need to at least install something there. But yes a64 has android bsp and thus hybris hence should be working with UBt after you flash it.


I’m fine with that. As long as there’s a guide or something to follow ill get something on it.


So you gave up a spot? Which?


FWIW: I finally got the email that told me I was in the Evergreen zone.


Thanks for your notice. After seeing your notice, and not even desiring anything prior to either Evergreen or Fir having even checked into the situation, I went to my account and found something disturbing.
I had not seen any credits made from my charge, but have had the order cancelled without notice, or at least without any notice that I am aware of. The business may have been some glitch at the Librem end or at my bank or perhaps even through the clearinghouse where things get handled, but the whole is rather frustrating. The business is being researched.
I cannot say that I have remained silent about the limited communications made by Librem to those in stake-holding. I greatly appreciate the fact that they have recently shown schematics and some more illustrative materials showing the device’s progression. Nor have I been overly negative in my communications (to my estimate) or requested cancellation of my order. I had not imagined that the obliqueness of issues of dimensions and modem interchangeability which I had thought existed alone might also extend to the ordering process as well.
My journey continues, unless it has hit some shoal of failure and has started sinking from the action.


I think I read before that somebody had a cancelled order due to a credit card issue. I’d just contact support to have them check what happened.


@MJKPJ1050 you contacted us yesterday. I’ll reply to you via email


I think this thread could be closed - as we know that the librem 5 is already shipping?


one year later : this is may 7 2020 :slight_smile: