When will librem 5 start shipping?


Good point but in my specific case, I think I should ask anyway to the team because I have also changed email, so if they send me a notification, I am afraid I would miss it.

EDIT : I have change my email and shipping address in my account, I think it is finally not necessary to notify the team. I really hope it will be taken into account before shippment.


You might want to send an email if your shipping address has changed to make sure they send it to the right place.


Just enter your profile and change address. It seems more natural to me.


Yeah, it’s really natural, if only the address in the order would update… But for me it wasn’t the case, so I sent an email


Changing your shipping address in your profile only affects future orders. To change the shipping address on an order that you made before, you need to contact support@puri.sm


thanks for this infomations


Just confirming what joao.azevedo and deedend mentioned, updating your profile DOES NOT affect past orders. I had to send an email to Purism (ops@puri.sm) and they changed it within a few hours. I included the order number, previous address and new address. Once updated, on the orders page the new address will be shown.