When will librem 5 start shipping?


Good point but in my specific case, I think I should ask anyway to the team because I have also changed email, so if they send me a notification, I am afraid I would miss it.

EDIT : I have change my email and shipping address in my account, I think it is finally not necessary to notify the team. I really hope it will be taken into account before shippment.


You might want to send an email if your shipping address has changed to make sure they send it to the right place.


Just enter your profile and change address. It seems more natural to me.


Yeah, it’s really natural, if only the address in the order would update… But for me it wasn’t the case, so I sent an email


Changing your shipping address in your profile only affects future orders. To change the shipping address on an order that you made before, you need to contact support@puri.sm


thanks for this infomations


Just confirming what joao.azevedo and deedend mentioned, updating your profile DOES NOT affect past orders. I had to send an email to Purism (ops@puri.sm) and they changed it within a few hours. I included the order number, previous address and new address. Once updated, on the orders page the new address will be shown.


so based on the latest blog article the Librem 5 smartphone will reach mass shipping only by January 2020 ? is that correct ? i assume untill then it’s going be trickling to early backers everywhere … but they didn’t specify any preference for geo-location so maybe they aren’t worried about temperature and whatnot …


In Purism speak, Q1 begins mid April.


according to me no.

in this message https://puri.sm/posts/supplying-the-demand/ Chestnut ends December 31 and starts Dogwood.
in this message Dogwood https://puri.sm/posts/librem-5-shipping-announcement/ has a Shipping window: January 7th – March 31st
then, mass shipping only by April 2020.


You might well be right. You know what? I don’t care. I have never seen a small hardware project finish exactly in time. And designing a mobile phone hardware from scratch is hard, even with the devkit as experimental prototype. You just can’t predict how heat issues, antenna reception and other stuff will work out in real life. I have resigned myself to getting a different christmas present and wait patiently.
I do believe that it will arrive, just later. Even Samsung hint hint manages to botch up even more expensive (foldable) hardware. And devices from respectable firms have tended to start going up in flames. So, lets show some lenience and let them work out the kinks so we can enjoy a phone which cannot be used to fry eggs.


The issue is that is when shipping will start to average consumers. When you read the news article, it left out some super important details. It makes no mention about how many people will be in batches B through D. There is no mention on how many phones they project. This is unsatisfactory. Even if they were fearful of low production, how about providing a lower number to allow a buffer. There are problems in paradise. How do you know you and the rest of will not all be in Batch E or F? They could produce 1 phone for batches B through D. I will take this week to consider if I want to be on the hook with no specific details. The Purism Team already knows with about an 80% certainty of how many phones they will be producing. I sense some fear and trepidation from Purism to provide this information. The article read like one that would come from a political running for office. You think you are being provided a bunch of information until you look at the information below.


That would be pointless though - since they need to iron out problems progressively through those batches. They need people using the phone and reporting problems - unless one thinks that 1 user can cover all use cases, all configurations, all stupid things that users do :slight_smile: , …

I have seen it suggested that B will be notably bigger than A, but we don’t know how many were in A, so that isn’t very informative.


I fully expect to be in batch E (they called it the mass production batch), although I backed in September 2017, that is why I expect my L5 not before April20.
Would I like to see batch sizes and predictions? Yes, but I am not the PR at puri.sm and they have resolved themselves to not reveal any. Not optimal, but since I expect all A-D batches to be rather internal prototypes, I can live without them…

The delay is not nice, but hey I had to wait for my Openmoko and both my Jolla Tablet and the KDE Vivaldi tablet were totally canceled, so was the Ubuntuphone…


The way I understood the shipping announcement was that the Evergreen batch should ship between April 2020 and June 2020. I think it’s sensible to assume June 2020 in the absence of confirmation to the contrary.


Why do you understand this way?
In this release it says that there are no delays either for Dogwood or for Evergreen.


The original notice said “Q2 2020” and the update said “no expected delays” … so calling that April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020 seems reasonable - in the absence of any more specific information.


@kieran beat me to it. I take Q2 2020 to mean April-June 2020.


Well since it is well outside the Aspen window, I’ll wait for Birch. (When I got that email, I replied with “Aspen” please. I guess I didn’t make the cut. (sniff).


I think Birch is “November 15 to 26” so if you are in Birch then you are only weeks away from getting your phone. Let us know.