When will PureOs get updates again?


The in PureOS installed Libreoffice has an Security hole. When will it be closed in PureOs. Or does it not exist in PureOS?


PureOS is a rolling release distribution based on debian. If you install it on your machine just run
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade


Yes, but it hasn’t received any new updates for a couple of weeks now probably due to the reasons laid out in this thread:
Rolling release vs stable for PureOS

So to answer OP’s question: I suppose that the security hole, if existent in PureOS’s libre office library, has not been fixed yet by an update.


I use debian-testing, which is as long as debian is not in freeze is a kind of rolling release, on my other laptop. Nearly every day there were updates in the last days, that is why I ask. For example libre#office is version 6.3.X, which means, that the securiry hole is fixed.


I feel embarrassed that I didn’t ever think of “&&”-ing the two commands together. I always wait for one to complete before runing the other.


&& can sometimes behave in unexpected ways but it’s more streamlined.

i usually just perform apt update then apt upgrade if there’s any prompt that there IS anything to upgrade. the “-get” part is not required usually. see the man page.


Today in debian-testing there have been about 170 Updates.


Updates to PureOS normally have a gap, depending on the type of update. This is the same way Debian handles updates by giving them an assigned time period before they come into stable. The LibreOffice package does have an update coming shortly, that is being worked on at the moment.


Thank you. But I thought PureOS is based on debian-testing? Am I wrong or is it more complicated.


You’re not wrong, but it is also more complicated. We want to provide a stable PureOS based on stable Debian. Work on the new stable suite is ongoing and we’re doing updates to the ‘green’ suite (which is the only suite currently in PureOS).


Thank you again. I have the landng repo activated. Can I expect earlier updates there?

I think that most of the purism user are at the moment power user, who hope, that PurOS is nearer to testing.

For me I would be glad if KDE/Plasma would be as well supported as Gnome. Nowadays KDE uses much less resources than Gnome.

Today there have been about 120 updates to debian testing. So there is a lot to do for you. Maybe you can invest more time, when the librem5 is finaly realesed. I am eagerly wating for mine: :slight_smile:


and today there have 87 updates to PureOS. Thank you.


I was under the impression that was the preferred way of doing that.