Where are "more frequent E-Mail updates"?

As promised here, “…more frequent email updates for people who only want Librem 5 news …” have been promised. Supposedly “This will take the form of a monthly email sent to any pre-orders who have not yet received their phone that recaps the news from the previous month.”

Where is the news? I neither got an E-Mail nor a February blog post update. Hot air again?!

@aircan we have committed in February to monthly updates via email containing a summary and news of the previous month.

We sent out the first of these emails/blogpost in February with information relating to the month of January.

That monthly email was sent two weeks ago, 18-02-2021. Also we did not commit to those monthly updates to be made on the first of every month.

In short give us a bit of time.


SInce it’s only the 4th day of the month, I can’t tell whether you are trolling or are actually this upset that an email hasn’t gone out yet. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you actually are as upset and outraged as your language seems to indicate, and that you feel that emailing people the first or second day of every month was a promise we made. If you feel that way then you have misunderstood our post and don’t have the correct expectations set. I will explain a bit about the email updates to help set your expectations appropriately.

While we didn’t commit to a particular date, the plan is to to publish a monthly update post on our site the first week of the month (just because that makes the most sense for a monthly recap). That will likely mean the email will get sent out the second week. While that’s the plan, it’s not some kind of promise that the blog post will go out on an exact date, and the emails will go out an exact number of days after it. Sometimes it will take longer, sometimes it will happen sooner.

It’s only the 4th day of the month and as has already been mentioned, the previous update is only two weeks old. We are sensitive to spamming customers who didn’t opt in to our newsletter (and yes we have gotten angry feedback from customers who did not appreciate getting last month’s email), so I personally wouldn’t want to send the email out this week even if the post were ready, because it is too close to the previous one. Also, this email is a recap of the previous month’s news, so the news is already posted on our site. If you need updates frequently I would still recommend you subscribe to our newsletter or our blog’s RSS feed.

I’ve been working on the updates personally, and I’m hoping to get it finished and published tomorrow.

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I can confirm I did receive the email referenced by joao on 2021-02-18 even if he wrote the date backward :wink:

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to set an expectation. The original expectation I had was that it would be “at some point each month” as it felt to me that the original statements were intentionally vague and my experience has been that when anyone from purism makes a vague time related statement that I should take the tail end of that timeline and add 50%. That is not intended as a dig or barb or anything negative, just honest feedback based on my personal experience. I have seen over the last few months that this has improved, and I hope that trend continues.

I have also noticed that simultaneously there has been an uptick in some of the complaints and it is hard to not wonder if there’s some amount of “the squeeky wheel gets the grease” type of response happening and the people that are more loud with their frustrations like aircan are partially driving the progress I’m seeing.

I’m not drawing any conclusions from any of this, just sharing my viewpoint in hopes that it may help someone understand someone, anyone, else a bit better.

Hopefully this was helpful for at least one person.


Maybe. The problem is that greasing the squeaky wheels means neglecting the others, so you have to decide which squeaking is justified and which is just noise.

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It’s not backward where I am from :wink:

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I did not receive any E-Mail. If I would have received that one, I surely would not have asked in this thread.

So just think of my above question as non-angry feedback, that I did not receive an E-Mail. And since it was promised to do so I was wondering. Plus you were talking about a monthly update in your news section. I could not find this either when writing this. Now after you explained your schedule, I see this is in the making.

My questions remains: Why didn’t I get the E-Mail? Did this only go out to the “early-early backers” of the original crowdfunding campaign?

I’m not an early-early backer (just backer, late october) but I got the mail

Betreff: Purism_xxxxxxxxxx Librem 5 News Summary: January 2021
Datum: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 14:44:54 +0100

ISO 8601 was the source of my joke, I actually hadn’t thought about regional differences just personal preferences. My bad.

I can’t speak to why you didn’t, but I was not an original backer and did get the email. I pre-ordered in January of 2019 as a point of reference.

Perhaps check any spam/junk folders?

Also something to check is did you order with a different email and update the account later? I don’t know if this would have affected the announcement emails, but I vaguely recall some posts related to changing email addresses not working quite how I would have expected.

No. Frequent check established. I did not receive anything.

No. Everything unchanged.

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:+1: @aircan

I’ve done this. All the news is there in the RSS feed. It means I don’t have to stumble upon it in the forum, or have it get lost in my unfortunately very busy mailbox, or taken by the Greater Spam Eater.

Is that the E-Mail @joao.azevedo (2021-02-18) mentioned, or something different?

Something different. The email Joao mentioned and I received should have gone to everyone whom ordered a librem 5. The newsletter is an email for all Purism related updates not limited to the Librem 5.

Or at least that’s how it was described previously (in another thread).

The way I read your opening comments, you had received our first monthly email we sent out in February, summarizing January news, but were expecting to receive a second email now, summarizing February news.

If you ordered a Librem 5 and did not get it yet, but also did not get an email from us, you may want to check with support to make sure your email on your account is correct. To send these emails we basically pull the list of everyone who has ordered a Librem 5 but hasn’t received it yet, and subtract people who have asked not to receive these monthly updates.

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Having checked my account finding my E-Mail address properly stored, I double checked my E-Mail account.
So: I have to beg your pardon.
The February’s E-Mail I missed, sent on 2021-02-18, was not in spam folder. But it succeded to being sorted in a separate folder of Purism forum notifications. This I cannot explain, since they do stem from different E-Mail adresses. support@… and noreply@… . Still do not undertand how that happened, because the defined rule should not have done this automatically and I personally did not do it.


Glad it’s all resolved! A new monthly update post will be on our website any minute and will hopefully get emailed out early next week.

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