Where are the Librem 5's? Please provide an update

Purism support wrote this to me in an email more than a month ago, on June 6:

We haven't reached March 2021 pre-orders yet, but this will happen within a month timeframe. 

Instead, over the past few weeks, I have seen a halt in deliveries reported on this forum. What is going on?

AFAIK some modem options have been already fully processed, while others are waiting for an incoming modem shipment and should resume shortly.


No one is obligated to report their Librem 5 (USA)/Liberty (Phone) shipping status. I chose not to due to security reasons.


Regardless, the OP would need to contact support@puri.sm for an update that is specific to his/her order.


Well, taking this thread at face value, they are far more interested in shipping statuses of other customers’ Librem 5 (USA)/Liberty (Phone) orders than their own.

Per Mr. Flawless, not only is no one obligated to report in the forum. It is highly dependent on user enthusasm to use that thread. (Reporting is also intermingled with USA and non-USA phones.)

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Thank you, dos, for your response. Since this most recent timeline from Purism has passed, maybe we can get a new (hopefully more accurate) update/time estimate?

Here you go: https://puri.sm/products/librem-5/#availability

Funny :crazy_face:

That page was practically the same (6 week estimate instead of 5 week estimate) as when I was told that my order would be reached in a months time. That is not at all what I am requesting.

Also, I’m not a hater, and I’m not even requesting a refund (which would be perfectly reasonable to do). I just think that those of us still waiting on our Librem 5’s who were told another inaccurate delivery timeline by Purism deserve at least an update.

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Directly inquire to Purism support again about it if you feel like this is so important. No new information will be provided on the community forums.

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Thank you for your suggestion, but that is not the best approach. I know that others are in the same position as me, and they deserve an update also.

These are Purism forums, and they are not controlled by members of the community. You are incorrect that Purism does not share information on these forums. In fact, a Purism developer already responded to this thread. You may not have noticed that.

How do you know that?

Shipping parity must be quite close. There can’t be too many customers still waiting and some of those that are would be the exception cases that fell through the cracks e.g. changed snail address / changed email address / failed to receive email / failed to respond to email / ordering out-of-stock accessories / …

It is only an assumption that an update that clarifies the situation with your order would be applicable to anyone else’s order.

A Purism developer probably doesn’t track the day to day progress of fulfillment. There are however Purism staff who do.

No, unlike this assumption, my assumption that others are in the same position as me was a reasonable one. The last reported activity regarding Librem 5 shipment was for an order from February 2021, more than 2 years ago. My order was placed a couple months after that. That can hardly be described as “must be quite close.”

Everyone who placed orders in the latter part of 2021, any time in 2022, or any time in 2023, was given an estimate that the backlog would likely be worked through in June. So, all of those people are in the same position as me.

I want to emphasize again: I love the work Purism is doing! The Librem 5 is truly a unique product, and I am excited to receive one.

Also, @irvinewade, I have appreciated your insight on this forum over the years, so I don’t want to argue with you. I am just requesting an update :slight_smile:

I’m basing on information that Purism is providing, in particular in mailing list communications (which may not be publicly available but equally also are not secret).

… which could have been in total 10 phones (or 100 phones or …) for all we know. We can reasonably surmise that the pandemic and the lengthy delays would have dampened enthusiasm for ordering.

… and I’m telling you that the people who work fulfillment day to day don’t post in this forum. I say that by observation over a period of several years.

Yes, that is where we are. Neither of us have the details, so we need not argue further.

I hear your recommendation to contact support directly instead of posting here. I disagree, so I will continue to wait and hope for an update or a phone, whichever comes first :slight_smile:

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@weirdnerd: Can you tell us what kind of modem you ordered to your L5? This way we know which devices are not fully shipped yet. If someone else on forum ask about shipping, we’re able to help better.

Lock this pointless thread and wait patiently for your email shipping confirmation then.

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