Where are the Purism Repos?

Can somebody please show me the way to the byzantium KDE Repo?. I have it installed and a freind wants to test it.

Is this what you are looking for?

You can find some .isos in the hierarchy there.

and the file sizes are STILL non-human-readable …

I don’t think you have spelled out what you want.

It looks as if Purism is using nginx and it seems as if there are limited (2) choices in formatting: http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_autoindex_module.html

For big downloads I prefer exact numbers because I will check the exact size of the downloaded file against the exact size of the original (i.e. to confirm that the download didn’t fail, leaving an incomplete file) before bothering to verify the hash.

what i want is to be able to see the file-sizes in human-readable format in the web-browser-tab similar to how i can pass the -h option to the ls command

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OK, then I believe that the link that I posted gives the right setting to change. Now you just need to persuade the right person at Purism to make the change. :slight_smile:

If you are desperate, run that web site through your own proxy and have the proxy alter the formatting.

Or you could use ls -lh with a gvfs http (may need DAV support) backend.

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who would that be ? :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I don’t know.

Please note however that I disagree with this change. To keep everyone happy it would require an extra column from the autoindex module, so you can have your human-readable sizes and I can have my exact sizes, and I think nginx can’t do that.

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i can use a converter … anyway you’re probably right. it’s not such a big deal …

What’s a “repo” and/or “repos”? They don’t appear to be repossessed. Reports maybe? Only when the world can agree as to what this date is (8/11/10) can we start dispensing with name-changing just to be different.



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repo - singular
repos - plural

Repository of either compiled packages or source packages i.e. software.

Thanks @kieran. I guess O/Ss are like advertisers. The advertisers realized there was more money to be had if they could convince ALL religions to buy each other a gift so changed Christmas Season and Christmas Holidays, all of the traditional meanings to ‘The Holidays’ that or they are afraid they’ll be Baptized if using the word “Christmas” :slight_smile: It didn’t take long to brainwash the masses.

Maybe Devs are afraid of turning into a apple or a window.
What ever, I just came away from toying with another Linux based O/S designed to be used with STEM not mentioned around these quarters. And it too has a similar approach - rename, move things around, so it doesn’t look like the ‘other’ guys.

For me to change over completely means it will be another long-term relationship. Having experience as a ‘end-user’ It’s like getting engaged to someone where neither can barely speak the others language, or know what buttons to push. :smirk:

I’m going to hunt and see when the next L 15 will roll off the lines with a RJ-45, and other minor things needing touch ups. I hope it’s soon. A L15 and L5 five; a way home to privacy. IMO


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The upcoming Librem 14 has a built-in Ethernet port:

14 is too small. 15 is small, but bearable. The L-15 cannot replace a ‘desktop’ so I take that with a grain of salt. It’s hard finding out what it will run. Ergo, where are the “Repos” apps/applications/software/programs/scripts - whatever the kids are calling it this month?
Since they were not available at time of posing, I managed to install Pure_OS on a Toshiba laptop and view the store from there. I hope installing them on a L15 is not as difficult as finding them.

I don’t think I understand what you mean by “what it will run”. Do you mean what software comes pre-installed with PureOS? Or what software can be installed on PureOS? If you are hoping to install certain proprietary software, then I wouldn’t recommend PureOS, because installing that might be difficult, and plain old Debian can make that easier. But as far as free/open source stuff, PureOS is effectively Debian, and so you can expect that just about anything that is available and works on Debian will be available and work on PureOS. And that is quite a lot of stuff.

If you are asking what is available from the Software Center (or command line via apt), you can find a list of packages here, broken down alphabetically.


Good lord! Let’s pretend it’s Windows. Would you buy a Windows system not knowing if you can install (load in a computer program)
… that once installed, will run/open/execute and do it’s {censored} thing?
Would you buy a computer system not knowing how much support there is in the way of software/apps/scripts/programs… whatever name they have today?

Sorry - I still forget and slip back into what original names were for things before they were Googleated.

I followed the link you gave me, but I didn’t find it funny at all.

I am really not understanding. I assume most software works on Windows. However, even if I didn’t think that, I would not expect to find a list of all software available on Windows. I would instead search for the specific software I know I want and check if it works on Windows. Much like you can do on Linux.

I wouldn’t use Linux if I wanted to use Microsoft Edge, Outlook, Office, etc, because I expect those to be Windows only. I wouldn’t install Linux if I wanted use Safari, iTunes, iMail, iMessage, etc, because I expect those to be macOS or iOS only.

But I know that I have numerous web browsers to choose from on Linux (Firefox, Chromium, GNOME Web/Epiphany, and many others). I have multiple options for e-mail clients (Thunderbird, Geary, others). I have tons of options for music players (Rhythmbox, Lollypop, others).

Asking what Linux will run is like asking what Windows will run - there is an extraordinary amount of software out there that will run, but unless you know what you are looking for, it’s not very helpful.

… and more specifically check its System Requirements, to see whether they are compatible with the target environment, including but not limited to: specific version of Windows, amount of RAM required, amount of free disk space required, specific features or potency of CPU, graphics hardware, …

Most of the time “it just works” so people don’t worry about it.

You can always use an external monitor, if that fits your use case. However I can see why you would be hoping for a Librem 15 refresh. You can try asking Purism directly about that.

In the Linux world, package? But software or application is OK too.

I think there is a generic difficulty in finding software if it’s something a bit niche. Most people probably find something “by referral” i.e. you say “I want to do X” and someone else says “Oh, I use package Y to do that”.

Another approach would be: “I use application Z on Windows, what is the nearest equivalent on Linux?”

The reason there’s a difficulty, often, is that if it’s “your area” then you know far more about it than we do. By niche, I mean it’s not just vanilla stuff like web, email, documents, spreadsheets, music players, … that everyone does.

um ? .AppImage ? LOL