Where Did The "Renew" Button Go?

Every month I pay my Librem One $7.99 subscription by using a “Renew” or “Renewal” button when I log into puri.sm under my account and “Subscriptions”. Now it’s gone. The only two buttons left are “Cancel” and “Change”. Also tried looking under other choices such as “Orders”.

It says my next payment date is due Feb 13th but I am beginning to worry how is it I can pay up in less than 3 weeks.

Any ideas?

Although I may have “Logan’s Run” on my mind, it may have been a “Resubscribe” button instead. Since its gone I can’t recall exactly what the button’s wording was.

(I asked support on Sunday but they disavowed knowing what I was asking about, saying it wasn’t clear what my situation is. I also asked this Morning.)

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Thread hijacking

I recently explained that movie to my daughter.
BTW: Where’s the remake!? Get your shit together Hollywood.

Nobody could outdo Liberace in the original.

(Similar scene he did in “The Loved One” with Roddy McDowall.)

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Does this supposed to mean I’m supposed to use the “Click here to switch to Librem One for free” link?

If so, I didn’t get the memo.

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I just replied to your email, regarding L1 mail. And we are checking into this issue you reported with the renew button.

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The issue should be solved now


I see an auto-renew slider now, on/off. Thanks.

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OK my subscription has 5 days to go. Here are my choices:

There is an auto-renew slider. It can be flipped to on/off.

If I turn it on, I am “trusting” that puri.sm will automatically charge my card.

For the sake of argument I have turned it off. It remains that my only choice are the buttons [Cancel] or [Change Payment] There is still no [Renew] button.

So if I leave the auto-renew off what happens?

I also notice there Librem One is no longer a product. in the “Products” page. Does that mean you can’t buy it anymore? What happened to the yearly subscription price? What happened to the family plan?

(I was paying the 7.99USD monthly price.)


Well thanks.

Funny thing. I thought I clicked all the links in the puri.sm domain.

I don’t think I never would have got there. Or is it like some dichotomy similar to the difference between Verizon and Verizon Wireless?

After going visiting the site, and logging in, there is still no mechanism for renewing the subscription (although I can change it any number of ways to a different plan). However logging into librem.one says it is good until the end of February. At puri.sm my my re-subscription slider is still “manual” and is due on the 14th.

So my only hope is, will the [Renew]" button reappear after the 14th?

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Aha! Found it.

After switching to “manual” the fateful billing day finally arrived. So what I got was an “Invoice” by email. I went back to log into my account on my Dashboard looked at my Subscriptions, still no “Renew” button.

Hovering over the email link (without clicking on it), I read the URL then on my other PC where I was already logged on I hovered over the links on my Dashboard and found it under “recent orders” and finally there it was, not a “Renew” button, but a “Pay” button at the top of the list of all my monthly $7.99 orders!


All because I wanted to stay manual, and not automatic payments. I do miss the manual Renew button so I wouldn’t have to wait for the invoice.