Where do I start a return/refund?

Title says it. Posts suggest it is a waste of time even after device is returned.

Does/has Puri (or Librem or company in charge of L5s) honoured any refunds yet?
Where might I find (I have looked) instructions for returning faulty phone?


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(I would imagine.)

By the way, did you ever reflash your Librem 5 to see if that would correct the faults?

No. 1 2 3 4

Is the device itself faulty or is it that it does not fulfil your expectations?

I hate loaded questions that are intended to make a statement from inside a question, but the answer is both.
The device has several issues that it arrived with, which I was told might be fixed with a update by end of the month. In the end, it didn’t help. 30 day warranty shot to Hades.
Caveat emptor,

If you don’t want any help, think about not starting a topic here then.

I guess it’s true then, that anything we say can and may be taken out context and used against us in the Courts of Puri Forums.

If you want a argument say so. You won’t need to take everything out of context to be a

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I think it was honest, there’s really no other reason to want to return it.

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Thank you for coming to rescue epinez comments and for telling me what I should have thought.

Question was answered - nicely.
Thanks you again for your continued support,

I was presenting a perspective that was free of anger. I don’t understand why holding said perspective would be less favorable.

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I just wanted to give advise here, I gave my second answer because of your tone. Maybe you did not hear about basic principles for human interactions. “Be kind” is some of these. Maybe you can look it up.

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Yes there is, “I just don’t want it” is a perfectly valid reason. Purism are selling globally, they will have to deal with a lot of things they probably haven’t researched.
For example, in my country, (the UK) distance selling regulations say the vendor must accept a return for any reason inside of 14 days from the product arrival.
So if/when the device arrives I can just put it in the box and send it straight back just because it is Tuesday. it doesn’t need to be faulty, or not fulfil my expectations.

Very off topic, (and I’m not suggesting this is the case here.) but I tend to find the kinds of people that say “be kind” or have that on their profile pictures on Facebook etc are people with some pretty vile opinions that cry about being called out over them.
That might have been a genuine sentiment, but the phrase has been ruined for me!

I didn’t flash it because it was suggested that I not flash it. Since flashing can be dangerous, I elected to follow the advice and not flash - yet. Not even sure where to begin. Some info I found is too old. and all the typing needed for some changes is why I got the Hub so I can type on a keyboard and not a finicky tap.
You’ve been very helpful in the past & hope you will continue.
I sent a list of major faulty programs/hardware to support@ and was reminded that help went south 30 days (not sure if it’s when ordered, payment went through, or date received) but Puri says Warranty expired - then I guess it did. Same issues are still there, just a different month.
I’ll see what “support” has to say. Meanwhile, experience tells me not to wait - to continue on.
I’ll see is I can rescue the Topic and continue from there. I did get something with the Hub… I’ll @ you there.


True, but if you order something, receive it, then use it, then decide you don’t want it, it’s almost always because it doesn’t fulfill expectations. But that aside, asking if that’s the reason doesn’t hold any implications, its just a request for information. How that information is used would then determine the reason for the request.

Why was my other response deleted from here? And, please, help stop post hijackings.
I asked for a link to support for God sake, not your password or anything else so how is it any of your business why I wanted the link? Too, though it appears that you know my reasons, you don’t.

So much time and effort lost over picayune unintended going over one’s head.


I don’t have the inclination to go over the intricacies of how my posts were related to your question, so suffice to say I was trying to help but failed. I’ll just leave it at that. Good luck.


“almost” only counts in horseshoes and grenades. :slight_smile:


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