Where does Chatty get contact information?

I noticed that there are more contacts in Chatty than in the Contacts app. They are listed when you select “new Message …”. Many of them are a copy of the Contacts but whith a picture associated (I don’t have pictures in my contacts list), or with a different number or number format; some are contacts that I’ve deleted in the past from my phone sheet.
I have a gmail account connected to my L5: contacts were initially exported from there as CSV and imported using the “contact importer”. I figured Chatty got them from the gmail account, so I deleted all my contact from gmail, but Chatty still shows them … where does they come from?

Hi fiacco,

not sure what kind of contacts do you have. I have no “Chatty” App right now. Cause i have still no Phone.

However, as example for the Jabber Services - and i think other Messengers like Whatsapp or Matrix will handle it in some same way.

The save this kind of Information on the Server Side in a Database. Like the history too. Many folks do not know this - cause they think if its end to end encrypted, which did not mean to transfer the Data only p2p. Mostly there always stay a copy for some month of Messages, Pictures, Chats and the Servers, encrypted of cause. But your Contacts too.

This is about to use different devices and see the full communication, and to not lost Contacts, Files, Pictures…

If you add a like fiacco @ jabber.org and Password to your Chatty you can use that Account to chat with jabber-Services for example. And your Chat-Account Information might store that Information (on Servers database), you shared it with in the past.

The rest is complex, because its how the server got configured or how some Client, like Chatty offer to create, delete Data on the Server-Site.

Whatsapp for example just catch every Contact of some smartphones and upload it to the Meta-Verse and like on Facebook - it asked sometimes like “do you know Kevin?”.

Not sure how this work with Chatty and with the Servers or Accounts you use, and how Purism handle this with the Librem One Community.



Edit: Using two or more devices and one Account in Jabber, is like a little E2E-crypto-nightmare. For example you log in on your Desktop, the Desktop Client will sync it with the Server, this will work only clean with multi devices if you had synced your crypto keys too.
Instead doing this we often use more than one Account and Chatgroups, for that kind of communication.

Nothing, I’m using it just for SMS, that’s why I’m so confused by this.

did you look into the chatty settings?

i thought i saw something that allowed you to select.

but i think the default is from the contacts app.

by the way are you running pure os 10 byzantium? if not, that might be the problem.

Do you mean the preferences menu? No, nothing related to contacts.
I’m on byzantium.