Where/How to find L5 IMEI #?

Does anyone know where/how i can obtain my L5’s IMEI number from? I’m trying to register the Liquid Glass protector that I purchased and requires me to input this info? I dont see any IMEI # listed on the SIM card slot. Is there a way to pull it up from the terminal? I could not find anything listed for it under Settings within the Gnome environment of PureOS.

Why would they need that?

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Settings -> Mobile -> Modem Details

That said - why would you need IMEI for that???

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Do you know if IMEI numbers are tied to SIM cards? At the moment I dont have a SIM card install…and when i look in that suggested area…its says NoSIM -insert a SIM card to use this modem.
International Mobile Equipment Identity should be tied to the modem of the phone not the SIM card as i understand it.
To answer your question on why Liquid Glass requires this info is beyond me.

Do you have to register that product? What happens if you don’t?

Edit: I contacted them, I’m quite curious what their answer is.

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Right, the UI doesn’t get shown at all when there’s no SIM. You should be able to get the IMEI via mmcli -m any.

Also, IMEI is printed on the modem, which you can see after taking the backplate off and unscrewing the M.2 cards cover.


They are not. The IMEI is an identifier for your device. In this case, the replaceable modem in your L5.

If you dial: *#06# That should also bring up the IMEI number.
I don’t know how/if it’s implemented in PureOS (yet) though.

Doesn’t work for me. Spins endlessly. (amber) See also: USSD codes on the Librem 5

Unclear whether it would work anyway without a SIM, which is the OP’s scenario.