Where/how to get an invoice?

I am a bit worried I’ll have to provide a proof of value to customs when L5 arrives (just last week I had to provide it for another foreign package). But I don’t have an original e-mail from 2017 (that e-mail service no longer exists), my bank doesn’t seem to record that long history. I thought I would at least prepare an invoice, but I don’t see it anywhere in order list nor order detail. Frankly, order detail seems to be broken for me.

There isn’t a name of a product nor its price. Also it would probably didn’t count as a proof, since there isn’t my name, address and other details linking me to the order.

I tried viewing the page in Vivaldi and Opera, but both render it same. Is this a problem on my side, or do others have same or similar issue? Is there supposed to be a “download invoice” button in the empty area? Or do I have to contact Purism (other e-shops I use have invoices available for download, usually in order details)?

I am sorry if I posted to a wrong category.


There is nothing wrong at your side. I have the same details view.
I suggest that you contact sales and ask them to (re)send your invoice by mail.

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… and also ask them why the Order details seem flaky?

For me, for my original order, now Shipped, the details are missing.

But for other orders (which are bogusly saying “Awaiting Shipment”) the details are showing up just fine.


… not just for you - but broken in a confusing and inconsistent manner.

The above is just looking at the order. However clicking on “Invoice” in order to view the invoice, is consistent with “Order” i.e. both broken or neither broken. (No link for “Invoice” is even showing for my original order but, yes, there is such a link to click on when it is working!)

I think only Purism knows how their ordering system works, so really you would have to ask them.

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