Where is a better PureOS App List?

I tried to find a type of app at https://software.pureos.net/category but without icons that might resemble what some the of geekinese titles claim makes it hard to find. The other maybe-a-list post at http://repo.puri.sm/pureos/ reads like a old Dos directory, no idea what each file is or might be and I do not understand the idea behind the need for a “key” in order to see the list and the update is 2018(?) by zlatan-todoric at Pureos sources.list updates?

I would like to know pre-purchase what is available.

The app I am looking for is one similar to voice commands for anyone unable to type. Similar to Cortana that WAS in Windows 10 along with something like narrator, and voice recognition.


screen examples of application (AKA app, appi, script, program, add-on, plug-in) lists:




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Perhaps you are searching this info: http://www.nordugrid.org/arc/releases/6.6/release_notes_6.6.html.

Besides other important details within: http://download.nordugrid.org/repos-6.html is written: “The easiest way to configure APT to use the NorduGrid repository for Debian is to install the nordugrid-release package which can be found in the NorduGrid package repository for the appropriate release:

Other relevant documents are here: http://www.nordugrid.org/documents/arc6/. I’m not helping much (address is hopefully correct), but still hope that provided link(s) is everything you need to install NorduGrid package under PureOS.


Are you asking about the Librem 13 or 15 laptop or the Librem 5 phone or another type of product?

Do you have IT skills or are you looking for something that works absolutely seamlessly out-of-the-box?

Are you mainly looking to control a computer by voice or mainly looking to enter prose text?

I have to admit that voice input (speech recognition) is not something that I am using.

Both 13 and/or 15, or just O/S that works alongside of, that other O/S. I’d just like to view a list that is easier to read than the web page that is in need of some help (see OP). The PurOS “Software Center” is not really a center for software, it’s a how to.

It’s like grocery shopping where all the cans labels have been removed.

FOR EXAMPLE: Ubuntu Mate has a list that is easy to plow through. And, I discovered https://www.linux-apps.com/

I can read and follow well written instructions, but not by show-offs practicing their geekinese :slight_smile: My first comp was a IBM 8 bit/ DOS 1.(x) in 1981. I’m still trying for find a good OS :slight_smile:

Both, out-of-box for some other people I am coordinating with, and my own the Librem 13 because by now the bugs are pretty well under control, and the 15 depending on apps cause I have a can of RAID.

I am helping to coordinate devices for handicapped. Some people can use their hands, many cannot. Most live in a smart home. 4-5 people may live in the same small apartment-like settings. Each have different needs. Many were accustomed to Windows Cortana and were shocked to eventually discover the new features in the May update featured a disabled Cortana. MS is all over the map as to what, if, or when it will be enabled again.
I’m looking for the option for the individual to control their devices, not the other way around.
I should point out, each ‘group’ has a live-in assistant and settings, tweaking, yadda yadda are done remotely or by visit.

As it is, there are many options other than just voice activation. Some use their mouth to puff-and-blow their way around a on-screen keyboard, others can use voice commands while others have special sensors that can sense minute muscle movements in their palms to navigate devices. They are able to control temperature, lights, make calls, turn on TV, volume control and so on. All features are customized to the clients needs.

It’s all just in the what-if-we-do-this discussion stage, but for me, close enough that I want to make my own choices, in private, when I want and I can’t get that with Windows.

and hey, thanks for the interest and help…

p.s. I installed PureOS alone on a laptop, but when the ltop sleeps, or is shut down, the logos appear, but then it’s a black screen. The ltop meets the requirements, is why I’m looking at out-of-the-box 13 or 15 - for myself.

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As I don’t use any of that stuff and as I only speak geekinese, I am probably not going to be able to help you but …

The experience doing this (installing PureOS on a non-Purism laptop, which is what I am assuming you did) is a highly variable one. It could be anything from a) works well b) most things work, some things don’t, but can be fixed with geekinese c) most things work, some things don’t, and can’t be fixed d) a mess.

PureOS only supports hardware that plays nicely with open source. A random laptop was not designed or selected with that in mind. So your mileage may vary.

I hear you. The sad reality is that proprietary software, whether from Microsoft or Apple or anyone else, is designed to pursue the manufacturer’s corporate goals. If those goals happen to be compatible with your goals then lucky for you. If not then you are out-of-luck.

From the point of view of control, open source software is vastly better, but it too will have its limitations.

Sounds very reasonable.

As PureOS is based on Debian, it is possible that some resources associated with Debian give better listing of packages, with good descriptions of what the heck they do. Then, given a package name, you can see whether it is available for PureOS.

Overall, you may be better splitting your requirements into three topics 1) this one - trying to get a good package list 2) just looking for recommendations from anyone doing speech recognition 3) trying to get PureOS working as well as possible on a random (make and model specified) laptop.


Yes and it should be, helping each other within open source community might be the issue here (but I’m no Librem support expert, referring to distributions or rather other OSes that are fully working on Librem laptops). Only Linux distribution that I know of (but sadly didn’t use it for quite a long time) that @Sharon or, most importantly, potential user might find useful for their needs is KNOPPIX. Latest is 9.0.0 (DELUG edition). Perhaps someone can merge few things within PureOS (or vice versa) and use extensive experience from electrical engineer and free software developer Klaus Knopper within the field of interest here, but today I’d start with installing KNOPPIX_V8.6.1-2019-10-14-EN alone and hope that users might accept ADRIANE as a great tool when using their computers. As potential user of it, perhaps @MrFriday can share his thoughts here. Hope this info/link to KNOPPIX helps.

Please let us know how (which way), if you are pleased, installing new apps within KNOPPIX might help handicapped users. Nice to have you here.


Sorry bout that but it wasn’t meant as a insult. I confess to blurting out stuff too that has some looking like a deer in headlights when I converse within my chosen arena.

My venture into Linux and O/S’s has been an overwhelming adventure. It’s like moving to another country where some speak English with a tongue-rolling accent coupled with a very heavy dialect :slight_smile: I’m learning…

Which is why, and I think a logical path, is to find a list of the programs that are made for Librems 13, and/or 15 before buying the Purism hardware. I’d hate to spend $2k-$3k to find out what is available for it.

I will look again for the PureOS programs this time using a search engine. I thought puri.sm would be a good start.

Many thanks @kieran for your kind and detailed help,


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Thank you @Quarnero . I have checked out the link to KNOPPIX you provided. Thought it’s not my bailiwick, I passed it along to a team member, who in turn quickly replied stating she has knowledge of KNOPPIX, something I would like to see in action.

You helped with that - thanks @kieran

I shall do that.

I could do that, but I have two options; (1) One is to post the 3 models and specs of the three ltops I have available now to convert over, or option Two, is to bite the bullet and just get Librem 15 and see what it has, and can get; ergo my hunting for a list of programs that are built, or are compatible just for Librem 15. Time is a factor, and it seems Librem 15 isn’t shipping until August - maybe. I shy away from pre-orders because now days it means being a paying beta tester.


I think you should rune PureOS in a VM if you’re just looking to see what programs it could run. Then you could actually try what you find without having to buy new hardware.


A couple of previous threads touched on this topic as well. Maybe there’s something in those that might help?
https://forums.puri.sm/t/librem-5-accessibility/ (mostly about the Librem 5 phone, not laptop)
https://forums.puri.sm/t/speech-to-text-and-or-voice-control-with-free-software-and-privacy/ (more general)


You don’t really need to convert them. If you had an external disk, you could install PureOS on it (just once), while leaving each of the three existing disks and operating system alone, and see how well PureOS supports each of the three laptops (i.e. find the one that is least troublesome) and then you can explore available packages (starting with the package list and search functionality for Debian that I linked to above, and/or using recommendations from other users).

Don’t know whether that is correct. Where did you get that info? For sure though every company in the world is battling with supply chain and other disruptions at the moment.

Your mention of “pre-order” makes me wonder whether you have read something about the Librem 5 (a phone) and attributed that to the Librem 13 or 15 (laptops).

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Sorry, I should have said shipping restarts at end of July, receive sometime in August.:
https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-15/ and scroll down to bottom. Apologies.


By pre-order, I mean anything, not just Librem 15. I’ve reviewed the bug tracker for Librems. Librem 15 seems to be a solid machine, but it’s a big expense for me, since it will be a personal device.

It’s a great idea you proposed (below), and I am going to put your idea to work today.

Right now, as the topic suggests, I think I have enough leads now I can muddle through the programs available for PureOS.

Now, I must run and chase some deer out of my yard. :angry: I’ve names for two of them - Dinner and Supper! Then work your idea into the other ltops.



Hopefully you are already aware of this link/tasks (with long listing):
https://blends.debian.org/accessibility/, based on the philosophy of Debian Pure Blends.

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