Where is Nextcloud folder?

I connected my Nextcloud account via the online account settings
It is synced and all is well.

I am working with Openshot video application and try to open a file that exists in Nextcloud.

The open files menu in Openshot can see the whole system but I cannot find the Nextcloud folder.

Where is it on the system??

If you are talking about the built in gnome integration it should show up on the left side of the file chooser popup. Sometimes applications can’t seem to open this folder until you manually click on it in the files app. As far as the location on the disk it appears to be somewhere under the /run/user/1000/gvfs directory.

I have the Open shot video program both from the software centre and an appimage
the one I install from the software centre finds the Nextcloud and the files in it
but if I use the AppImage [which is newer] it cannot find the Nextcloud folder.

Thank you for replying