Where is reboot?

With the latest update it seems they have forgotten the reboot button. When I swap down from the top of the screen and press the power on-screen button I get four choices.

Power Off

There is no reboot. And what is Emergency?

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Reboot? On the command line :wink: ?

While we’re waiting for the reboot option to be restored, I’ve created a temporary solution for myself:

Save to /home/purism/.local/share/applications/Reboot.desktop:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=gnome-terminal -x bash -c "reboot"

Save an appropriate icon to /home/purism/.local/share/icons/reboot.png:
That one comes from an icon set native to the L5, found at:

I saved it to my Favorites area (top):

It saves having to open terminal and type the command.
But I’ll have to be careful not to hit it by accident. :slight_smile:


True. If that proves to be an actual problem, change the reboot command to a shell script that prompts for confirmation before going ahead with the reboot.


OK, thank you for the suggestion.

And what is “Emergency”. Can you click on it? Does it need some configuration first?

It’s great to see so many updates lately.
Most of them improve the way the L5 works.
This one however, I’m not pleased with.
What I fail to understand is the logic of it.
I don’t expect to be presented with a Screenshot option or an Emergency button here.
That’s my opinion. But I’m sure there are users who like it the way it has become.
My question to @dos :
Can I revert these changes somehow?
Maybe going back to a previous version of the Power button menu.
If it’s possible, how can I do this?

What function provides the emergency button?
Why an additional reboot button is missing?

In general, I don’t need a reboot button as I nearly always us sudi reboot from terminal app or ssh session. But others will perhaps.

I imagine the Emergency function will eventually make it possible to make a call to emergency services without logging in, and without even having to know the password. It’s obviously not implemented yet, though.

And as @dos said, the Reboot option should return at some point as they make updates.

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reboot works without sudo

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These and more details are linked from the release notes: https://phosh.mobi/releases/rel-0.27.0/

I would never have expected this and I would call this not a feature, but a bug.

“Initial emergency call support (needs to be enabled via GSetting)”

Um… a little help with the specific command?

Can someone help me with: How to roll back the update to the prev. release?

I would just like to respond with a :), but that is too short a reply.

Something is unclear in the release summary of changes. It says:

New menu on power button long press

But there is nothing about long press. Long press does nothing. It is just the same as a regular press/click.

Did you update phosh 0.27.0

No, it is not. They are talking about the actual button, not the icon.

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