Where is the data storage? (how to free disk space)


I’ve been downloading my files from my backups onto my new(ish) laptop.
Now it says my mere 20GBs of music won’t fit on my documents, and looking at properties, ‘Home’ has a a mere 88.3 GB stored on it and on 6.8 GB left.
What is going on?


what’s your laptop configuration?


For a situation like this, my two favorite tools (which I think probably are preinstalled by default) would be:

  • gnome-disks, to see the capacity of your storage drive and to see how your partitions were laid out
  • baobab (a.k.a. “Disk usage analyzer” or something like that), to analyze your /home partition (or “/” even) and figure out graphically what consumes the most disk space. It’s a life saver.


Thanks. I’m quite confused by it though as it seems to say I have 3x 117GB when I thought I had the basic memory plus one extra lot, which I thought was 125+125.
It is indeed oddly partitioned.
Is it possible to repartition it without deleting all my stuff?

Is it possible to repartition it without deleting all my stuff?


Did everyone else repartition their laptop before they started?
Why is it not set as one space by default?


My laptop seems to be partitioned into two spaces.
I’ve deleted everything off now, but before I did so, when I had a mere 110 or so Gigs in documents, it didn’t have enough memory to run backups and ran out of memory to even open ‘excel’ (the open office version). What was going on? how to I repartition my laptop so all the storage is in one place? Why was there not enough memory to run basic functions? Thanks. Chris