Where to download purebrowser

Purebrowser stopped working suddenly, my other browsers work fine, I tried clearing cookies restoring it to vanilla, nothing worked so I decided to reinstall it, I looked through synaptic package manager and found it marked it to be uninstalled, then went back to reinstall it and it says the package has no installation candidate. I tried to run sudo apt-get install purebrowser and I get the same message.

How do I reinstall purebrowser?

have you tried with purge to clean residual configurations?

I’m not sure what you mean. I did run sudo apt-get purge purebrowser I’m not familiar with the formal concept of residual configurations. Currently it seems to not exist within any repository within my sources, I’m not sure how purging any configurations would help although I tried that before I uninstalled it. Do you know if it has an official repository? I just assumed it would be in the standard pureOS repo.

Did you run apt-get update before trying to install?

I think the right syntax is sudo apt-get remove --purge purebrowser. Perhaps that’s the command you used?

I did. I run it every few days and every time I do anything with my packages via terminal.

I actually removed it via synaptic package manager, I think it does the same thing as sudo apt-get remove [package].

Anyone know of an official purebrowser repository?

Believe you can download the deb file at: