Where to find information about PureOS?

The PureOS official website is almost empty and the wiki give no useful information about how PureOS is made and what’s the exact relation with Debian.

There is not even a single word to describe what Amber or Bizantium are!

The mobile version doesn’t exist on the official website while the LIbrem5 has been released as a standard version for 6 month now.

I thought it would get better with time but it’s been several years since Purism took over the development of this OS and it’s still obscure.

Where can we find information about this OS like :

  • What is the development cycle?
  • What are exactly the differences with Debian ?
  • What are the different versions of the OS (PC, Mobile, Stable, test…)?
  • Are the packages identical to Debian’s compiled by Purism, not Debian or someone else?
  • By whom are Purism’s own packages compiled?
  • What is the proportion of reproducible build packages coming from Debian or Purism?
  • How to compile these reproducible builds from Debian or Purism ?
  • Who hosts the different software repositories?

This is not an exhaustive list of questions but it’s the minimum I think for an OS that wants to be open and respectful of people’s privacy.

Do you know of any sources to answer these questions?
Can we complete the official wiki? Or create a dedicated page on the community wiki like for Librem5?


And for the more practical aspect, it would also be nice to have some kind of tutorial to allow people who start with this OS to get the best out of it.

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Some answers are in the wiki in the Development section:


nothing interesting for me on the official website but the bootable/flashable .iso images are located at > https://downloads.pureos.net/

best how ? like in a GUI/Desktop-Environment sense or CLI ?

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