Where to find older PureOS version

I’m using a HPx365 Laptop. A longer time ago I have running PureOS 6 beta on it without any problems. Now I have had a crash and have to install all new, but the latest iso won’t boot.
I’m always getting the message: no live medium found

Where can I get the older betas ? Does anyone can give me a download link ?

We don’t have older betas other than what is here: https://downloads.pureos.net/live/gnome/
Those images go back only to July.

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thanks, but version 8 doesn’t find my wlan adapter and the installer doesn’t work.

Hope that issue will solved in future

That issue is likely due to the fact that your wlan adapter may be driven by proprietary code. Unlike Debian, PureOS does not include non-free code.

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Yeah, thx, I have now installed it manually.

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