Where to find the exact screw needed to secure an SSD into librem13?

I purchased - on my own vi amazon - an SSD, but realize I’m not sure exactly the size of the screw to securely fasten it in place. Can someone suggest what the size is, and even where I can order/find it?

This is on a librem13. Here are some pictures to illustrate the missing screw:

Hi Jon!

We will investigate this with our supplier and reply to you as soon as we get the info.


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I’m sorry Jon, we haven’t heard from our supplier yet regarding this. Once I get home, I’ll take some pictures of the screws I used to secure my SSD and post them here. I’m sure you can find those in any better equipped computer store.

Once again I’m terribly sorry you waited this long.

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This is what I have:


I don’t have a proper measurement tool to measure its diametar precisely, but it’s slightly over 2 mm. Note that this type of screw might be unsuitable for a laptop cases (because of its large head). The best thing to do is to go to a computer store and explain there what do you need, they might have the best fitting screws.

Also, on your second picture, the hole next to the ram is probably for the back cover screw.

@mladen, the image links appaer broken. I have the same question as OP, I need a screw to secure my SSD!

Search the Amazon or eBay, you need M3×3 mm or M3×5 mm, as well as hard drive mounting frame.

Thanks @mladen. Could you explain the mounting frame? Based on how I’ve installed the SSD it does not appear to need a mounting frame once the single screw secures it. Also, the only things that turn up on my searches are brackets to go from 2.5 to M.2.

Update: I found an M3x3 screw at a hardware store but it is too wide. I noticed though that the screws used to secure the back case of the Librem 13v2 are the same diameter as the one needed to secure the M.2 card. Do you know what size those screws are? I would guess M2x3?

Update: Confirming that M2x3 wafer head screws indeed fit the M.2 mounting hole. While I couldn’t find any in my local hardware store I was able to order small quantities from http://www.metricscrews.us/.

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