Where to get the IMIE code?

I am trying to find someone @ puri that can look at a specific phone that is ready for shipping and give me the IMIE numbers.
Who, should I email/post to in order to get that number.

Being sold to me by original recipient before it leaves Puri.
Puri is aware of this off it.
I have provided Puri with the info they wanted.
Seller has provided info Puri wanted.
But I need the IMIE so I can check with local carriers if their system is palatable to the L5.
I’ve requested the IEMI numbers 3 time so far but I must be using PM wrong.
This is rather urgent as I would like to buy the phone before I read any more negatives.
@joao.azevedo @twilight_paradox

PM if you like.


To get the IMEI number, open Settings → Mobile → Modem Details. It’s displayed as the last item in the list.

I think @Sharon is saying the phone is still at Purism, while the order is about to be transferred to @Sharon, who needs the IMEI in advance in order to check with the available carriers before committing to the purchase.

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I was thinking of asking you directly because you seem to have keys for the office and maybe slip a note under @joao.azevedo door :smirk:

You’re right tho. Phone is @ Puri and preparing to ship, soon as I transfer money and it’s received at other end. I appreciate Puri stepping in to help get this processed while protecting buyer and seller.


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hi @Sharon I replied you your email.