Where to look for software?

Where to look for the software and packages that come in PureOS?
I am looking for a lot of software that I use and I need to know if they are in PureOS. And I don’t want to install the entire system just to see whats in it!

I looked at PureOS on DistroWatch, but that did not tell me everything that’s in the distro I don’t think, right?

You could create a Live USB, boot into it, and then check the available packages from the live installation, so that you aren’t fully installing PureOS.

Otherwise, I think the main list of available software is here:

Caveat: many applications are moving to the Flatpak format, which PureOS supports, but which would not show up in that list. For Flatpaks, the main source is Flathub

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Oh, what a great idea! It’s so simple and good, it’s still slapping the side of my head. This is one to keep forever!
Thank you!fb