Where to report errors in the Librem 5 documentation?

I noticed a minor error in the Librem 5 documentation, and was wondering how to report it to get it fixed.

The DevKit, Birch and Chestnut documentation pages say:

Customer grade i.MX 8M Quad [datasheet] and [reference manual]

The linked datasheet is for the industrial-grade i.MX8 8M Quad which runs at 1.3GHz, but the Librem 5 is using the consumer-grade i.MX8 8M Quad which runs at 1.5GHz.

This should be changed to:

Consumer grade i.MX 8M Quad [datasheet] and [reference manual]
(login with an email address that doesn’t contain @gmail, @yahoo or @hotmail is required to download the reference manual)


@amosbatto you can open a ticket at: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/developer.puri.sm/-/issues

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does the bump from 1.3 to 1.5 GHz make a significant difference for normal uses cases ?

I opened a ticket here:

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The Librem 5 doesn’t use the industrial grade i.MX 8M Quad. That chip is designed to operate at a wider range of temperatures and need better reliability and longevity.

However, if the L5 used that chip, I doubt that I would be able to see the difference in 15% faster CPU clock when using the interface. I generally only notice when a CPU is over 25% faster.


If the industrial grade version is in - let’ say automobiles - could we find out which ones? As in, which auto do I have to… get… to provide an i.MX.8M Quad for my L5…? And where do I remove it from? Asking for a friend :wink:

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Lol. L5 on wheels. I already mentioned Purism could build a Librem car but I didn’t think it becoming reality THIS way. :smile:

Far easier to just buy the chip from Digi-Key, but if you really want to rip a iMX8MQ out of a car, then you will probably have to wait a few years for it to start appearing in cars. If we are frustrated with the wait for the L5, it takes the automakers even longer to design their cars with new chips. That is why NXP promises to manufacture the chip for 15 years.

Of course, deballing it is going to be fun and you need an oven to resolder it. I really wish someone would design a phone with a socketed SoC and none of the parts had ball grid arrays, so dumb idiots like me could have some fun with it. :wink:

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