Where's my Librem SUV?

Check this article out, here.

But automakers are more excited by the revenue possibilities when vehicle-generated data creates a more customized experience for riders, generating higher premiums, and lucrative tie-ins with third parties, such as retailers.

“The reason (the camera) is going to sweep across the cabin is not because of distraction … but because of all the side benefits,” said Mike Ramsey, Gartner’s automotive research director. “I promise you that companies that are trying to monetize data from the connected car are investigating ways to use eye-tracking technology."


Companies say automakers will decide how the metadata is used, but consumers will be able to opt out.

uh-huh. Sure. It’ll all be on the up and up, they triple pinky swear guys.


Well, electrical tape makes an interim solution…as long as there’s no microphone involved.

(You should see my Galaxy S5 with electrical tape over both cameras)

That’s good news :nerd_face: