Which architectures does PureOS support?

I’m currently using PureOS on a machine with x86-based Intel-hardware,
including an unwanted “IME” (Intel Management Engine) & UEFI.

Since x86 itself & all of its related firmware are proprietary and reverse engineering is not entirely possible,
I do not longer want to use this architecture.

Even if I switched to AMD, its “AGESA” is also proprietary & all system-related firmware like UEFI is as well.
But if I still wanted to use the recent AMD products, I just can’t. Ryzen uses Vega as iGPU & therefore PureOS couldn’t use it, because of proprietary firmware… If i’d use Threadripper or EPYC I’d have to use a
dedicated GPU, but nowadays there is no new graphics card available with libre firmware. I could live with
an old GPU, having libre firmware, though. But still: x86 by design isn’t respecting our freedom.

A few days ago I found a manufacturer, who builds somewhat affordable POWER9-based workstations
& servers. And since I found some packages within PureOS’ repos, that got “ppc”, “power pc” or “powerpc”
in their names, I wonder if it’s possible… Some even said phrases like “firmware”, “gcc” or “bios”. But all had an “amd64”-suffix… So… What’s that about? :smiley:

Raptor Computing Systems seems to get it all right. But if I’d buy one, I’d want to use it with PureOS. So,
can PureOS run on POWER9 or perhaps PPC in general?


PPC is an open standard after all, without proprietary technologies. And since Debian supports it…

I even found an organisation, that plans to build a PPC-based laptop for GNU/Linux. Maybe you could
somehow collaborate and shift the Librem Laptops towards libre POWER instead of proprietary x86?

I know I asked several questions at once, but I don’t want to spam the forum by creating thousands of
threads for each question, when they are somehow related.

Best regards,

Only x86_64 and arm64.