Which librem is powerful enough to stream to twitch

Hello, I’m MartyLake, I do livestream of electronic music.

My problem is I use the same computer to run my music software (CPU heavy) and StreamLabsOBS to encode and send the video to twitch platform. To avoid CPU bottleneck that result in nasty undesirable audio artifacts, I want to buy a new computer to separate the concerns: my actual computer do the music, and the new one will streams to the internet.

So my question is: which librem is powerful enough to stream to twitch, if any ? do you have any experience capturing external video flux to stream it live ?
My current computer has a dedicated gpu that encode the video, but I noticed the librem laptops don’t have a dedicated gpu (maybe I’m wrong ?)

Best :slight_smile:

PS: to those who like electronic music https://www.twitch.tv/themartylake

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Good questions MartyLake. I don’t have any experience streaming to twitch but I do know that there is a new version of the Librem coming out that has a faster processor: https://puri.sm/ Both have a Core i7 7500U CPU. The 13 has Intel HD Graphics 620 and the 15 has Intel HD Graphics 520. While I don’t know how they will handle graphics and other intensive applications, they will surely be the most capable Librems we’ve produced.

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The news post and shop page suggest the Librem 15 also has the 620 graphics. It looks like both models were upgraded.

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I got the specs from here: https://puri.sm/products/ I’ll double check internally to make sure they’re correctly listed.

I see. Yeah, based on the announcement and actual Librem 15 product page, I think that comparison table just missed the update on the 15

Screenshot of the Librem 15 page attached

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Since my 1st post I learnt about an important detail: capturing a video and encoding can be done with a pretty low end computer (https://www.reddit.com/r/letsplay/comments/7qvr37/1080p60_dual_pc_streaming_setup_on_the_cheap_400/ ) . Seems to me that the librem would be too powerful/expensive for my usecase.

Thanks for your answers, and will definitely keep an eye on librem once my main laptop starts dying :slight_smile:

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