Which Librem models will support Heads?


Will Heads only work on new Librem laptops or will it be backwards compatible with older models?

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Heads will be fully supported with the Librem 13 v3 (the next revision) and the Librem 15 v4 (the next revision). We will be adding the hardware TPM to the motherboard, which is the last component part that did not make it into our current revision. The “next revision” in this case is the exact same as what we are getting into inventory in May, but adding the TPM to the motherboard (and possibly an IC for USB-Type-C video (unrelated to Heads but related to the fabrication of the motherboard)).

So Heads compliant hardware for the Librem 13 and Librem 15 will be in our second inventory order, which should arrive around September, 2017 for both products. Note: Heads runs on the current hardware, but without a TPM it is not helpful.

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Thanks, Todd.

My understanding is that the “current revision” motherboards support a TPM, but just don’t come with one installed. If the owner installed their own TPM onto the motherboard, they should be able to use Heads with the “current revision” machines, right?

Are there any requirements for what type of TPM will be required to use Heads?

By “supports a TPM” it means that we can fabricate it into the motherboard (for larger business orders), but it does not have a “slot” or “header” or “solder points” for the TPM hardware. What we will be doing is putting a TPM in all Librem 13 and Librem 15 hardware so we can support heads for all users.

There is no requirement on what type of hardware TPM is used, Heads uses TPMv1.2 which is supported by all current hardware TPMs.

To clarify (I’m uncertain from your response), how feasible would it be to install a TPM on the Librem 13 v2 post-manufacturing?

Not feasible, it would take very capable motherboard soldering for the currently shipped product. Trammell Hudson is testing the Librem 13v2 (modified to have a TPM) and upon his success there, we will then offer a TPM add-on (where we add the TPM to the motherboard), then the following fabrication run we may (but plan to) include it by default.


Any update on the status of Librem 13 v3?


Sorry for necroposting,but @todd-weaver it would be nice to know company’s plans for next revisions of laptops (some blogpost of what features, HW updates, SW/FW changes to expect). Say in a 1yr view.
Thank you!

@FreeLove, @That_one, did you see



Yes, and it is pretty cool. I will definitely opt-in for the TMP module!

But that’s just a drop/module in the sea. I’m looking for a long(er) term roadmap/business model of their product-line.

Ie, a good answer for me would be: for librem 13v3 we are planning to use this, that,…and what-not. If it’s just 1 module, it’s a bit of a meh.
…although, you could say your HW is a “rolling-release”, and revisions come often and are rather small.

For Librem 13v3 the planned feature was a transition to i7 cpu.

For v4 hardware review we are considering USB-C charging and DisplayPort, second RAM slot, possibly some other stuff, but we can’t promise anything at this moment.

@mladen Are you also considering adding a Thunderbolt 3 port to the Librem 15v4? Or am I off base and the USB-C port on the v3 already has Thunderbolt 3?

Any possibility to send a laptop back to you guys to get a TPM soldered on?

Sorry, this is not possible.