Which navigation system can be updated by linux/pureos?

For me its time to buy a new navigation system for traveling.
The road maps on Tomtomgo and Garmin can only be updated with windows or mac.

I wondering which brand navigation system can be updated by linux/pureos?

At least for TomTom, you can update it directly from the device if it has a Wi-Fi connection. Not ideal, and a FOSS alternative would be better, but I don’t know of one.


And some Garmin devices can update over WiFi, too, apparently: https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/drivesmart51-61/EN-GB/GUID-CD43108D-1D58-4064-A2DF-95D07135EF2F.html

Looks like Garmin gives Linux a little bit of love: https://developer.garmin.com/open-source/linux/

The funny thing is that the TomTom application itself is developed on a Linux platform (at least the original is).
Some 10 years ago (based on 1 year free updates they promised)) I already wrote them an email about this problem. TT advised me to use a Windows device (which I don’t have). Very frustrating and illogical.


Pretty much the same thing happened to me, way back in the day.
It doesn’t seem right that they benefit from Linux, but then don’t support the community.

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You could use a Google Pixel flashed with CalyxOS and use Organic Maps. I think you can download maps to it. You may have to look into how it would work if you want to use navigation without cellular or WiFi. I think the phone would still provide navigation using the GPS with no connection. Just a thought.