Which official Librem 5 accessories do you recommend?

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i have a NexDock (touch) and tried it with my Librem5. Yes, it works out of the box. But there a still some problems like, that from time to time phosh crashes - mostly if you let the phone screen active. The performance isn’t also great / comparable with a normal laptop. The i.MX8 isn’t really suitable for more than listening to musik, while surfing on one website. But yes; you can do really nicely something like office work with this combo.
from the cost side; buy a normal (used) laptop instead of a new NexDock for the same price and you are more happy with that / can do more. If you can get the NexDock used for about 50,- used… buy the NexDock.


Except you will not get a laptop with non-proprietary BIOS and supporting FLOSS drivers/firmware for WiFi/BT at such price.

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yes, indeed. Thats because i tried this setup. for my personal work/daily usage and requirements the i.MX8 is to slow; but the setup works (in most cases).

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The accessory I’d be most interested in is a case to protect the valuable device! Actually I broke two (somewhat older) Android devices’ screens by dropping them accidentally.
The last time this happened was in late 2018, and I thought I’d soon get my Librem 5, funded in October 2017… For the time in between I got myself a second-hand Nexus 6p (from 2015) - and a nice case for it. In Feb 2020 Lineage OS stopped supporting the device, and the battery by now is barely getting through the day - when I’m not using the phone. Browsing or watching a video can kill the battery in an hour. But this got me to buy a “powerbank xs10000”… and this really helps a lot! I think it is also going to be very useful with the Librem 5. I’d assume it is more practical to recharge the one battery in the phone, than to replace it in the middle of the day? Recharging without connection to a power outlet means the phone is pretty well usable while charging (although taking pictures is awkward with the powerbank attached). The powerbank can probably recharge the battery (4500 mAh) twice, it can be charged on any USB outlet, and it can also be used to charge other devices, like for example my PineBook. So to answer the question: I’m not recommending any of the accessories available now.


On Lineage, check to see if the device has nightly builds… The OnePlus One still received nightly builds…

Houray! Today I found my address confirmation e-mail! Order date: October 19, 2017, confirmation e-mail October 25, 2021. Now looking at the accessories again I was thinking the OpenPGP card might be useful, so I ordered one to come with the phone.

@nerd7473: considering my old Huawei/ Google Nexus 6P it seems there are no official LineageOS nightly builds for it. There are unofficial builds on xda-developers.com… once I made the Librem5 my daily driver, I might try one of them. I had such builds before, on my first smartphone (an “HTC Desire S”).

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AweSIM: :heavy_minus_sign: well… Europe
privacy screen :thinking: no use case for me
modem :thinking: no use case for me
spare battery: :thinking: will not swap daily, will not store it for eventual use in two years
OpenPGP card :white_check_mark: not sure if/how I’ll use it, but it’s cool. Bought :wink:
µSD card, 256 GB :white_check_mark: of course

Missing up-sell opportunities on the accessories page:

I most likely would not have them ship me an unnamed, unspecified screen over the ocean, but the power bank makes more sense to me than a spare battery.

More missed up-sell opportunities

  • additional USB-C charger
  • stand

As this is my first USB-C powered device, I could use at least one additional charger, especially one known to deliver enough juice. Would have ordered one, if it were available, for use in different rooms of the house.

A stand would be really cool IMO. Nothing fancy, could be fully plastic. What could it do?

  • hold the Librem 5 while charging
  • hold the Librem 5 while using it in docked/convergence mode (portrait?)
  • hold the Librem 5 while watching a movie (landscape)
  • have space in the foot to keep either the charger or the power bank (or even both)