Which web browser?

What kind of web browser do you guys use for the L5? The default one being GNOME Web is slow. In PureOS Store, Chromium Web Browser, and Falkon, look interesting.

Personally I use gnome web for it’s bookmarking system.

However firefox-esr with ublock origin and mobile view switcher is about 25% faster than gnome web. Bookmarks really don’t work though.

have no tried the rest

Can you elaborate on this? Is it just accessing bookmarks via the menu is tough due to UI issues? Or something else?
What if you use a Bookmarks Toolbar?

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It’s a bit clunky but the bookmark toolbar does in fact work. You need to do the hold down to right click to get the context menu to enable it. (didn’t expect this to work as this context menu hasn’t worked foir any other app)

Thus bookmarks do in fact work

I wonder if KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) will be possible to use on L5?

Whonix+Lynx browser is a powerful web browsing combination! :slight_smile:

amber or byzantium? I think improvements are coming in the latter. It definitely is slow on amber.

Not with hardware support it seems. The [1]i.MX8 specs state:

Fast multi-OS platform deployment via advanced full-chip hardware virtualization and domain protection

It is not mentiond in the specs of the [2]i.MX8M that is in the Librem 5.

  1. https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm-processors/i-mx-applications-processors/i-mx-8-processors/i-mx-8-family-arm-cortex-a53-cortex-a72-virtualization-vision-3d-graphics-4k-video:i.MX8
  2. https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm-processors/i-mx-applications-processors/i-mx-8-processors/i-mx-8m-family-armcortex-a53-cortex-m4-audio-voice-video:i.MX8M


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I use Firefox with uBlock origin and changed the user-agent to android. Some sites insisted on not showing the mobile version otherwise. Firefox is a lot snappier than Gnome Web in my experience. I do have a few apps using the feature in Gnome Web to make a “webapp shortcut” in the app drawer, not sure what the real name of that feature is.

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More speed is coming up to Gnome browser to Librem 5 in few days. Everything is slow with GTK3 so we need a GTK4 on the whole system to get super smooth with vulkan enabled, L5 is capable to do it!

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Capable yes, but I don’t think there are any Vulkan drivers available yet for PureOS? I think the only available Vulkan drivers for the IMX8 is proprietary? So it will likely be a long time until that will be possible. But GTK4 applications seem to run much more smoothly on my device I’ve experienced, so something is certainly speeding things up already when switching to GTK4 but I’m not entirely sure what.

Yeah GTK4 already run more smoothly than GTK3. No Vulkan yet on Etnaviv driver, Christian Gmeiner he told me it ready to start Vulkan support to Librem 5, he want some money donations to start developing. I Put 500 dollars for Vulkan to L5, if we will collect the money. @todd-weaver