Who in the - do we have to pay to fix bluetooth

This is all I ask. Fix bluetooth. Connect to devices already connected to. In the past. Automatically. I have bitcoins available for this. Just effing fix it.

Probably, you can use Fund Your App: https://puri.sm/fund-your-app/

There, you can select Operating System -> Bluetooth. Then choose the amount to donate (it’s in $), then submit, and for payment you have the Cryptocurrencies option. I didn’t check it, but probably there you can use your bitcoins.

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Hey ! Why don’t you effing learn to code and solve YOUR effing problem ? How does it sound ?

You want something to be fixed by the gnu/linux community ?

Instead of acting like a lord ordering your servants, maybe start to explaining what is not working for you, with details of what is happening, what you are expecting, on which hardware, with which gnu/linux distribution

You may learn that some people have already solve the problem
or someone is already working on it
or that your problems won’t be solve by disrespecting the people that could help you


Please don’t let yourself be goaded into being abrasive. I will hide future posts which pick up the same tone. I’m sure we can get the point across without flames.


Sorry, it is not how I see it, I give him a taste of his own medicine with the first sentence
And the rest of my post is being more respectful and addressing the problem (the lack of proper communication, and provided details) instead of continuing the flame

My post gave him 2 choices:

  • Being mature and respectful, to maybe solve his problem
  • Being childish, and burying himself in the hole he already started to dig

The blue-dentist of course. Hopefully it won’t need a sudo root canal.

(And can we think of other computer dental puns?)


I thought BT can only run with proprietary software/firmware, is this not the case?

I think I’ve solved your problem:


I’m surprised your user name was approved, by the way.

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@whofuckingcares, Fixing Bluetooth is complicated, because it involves adding HSP support to the RS9113/6 driver and PulseAudio has held up patches to better support HSP and HFP. For more info, see: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/community-wiki/-/wikis/Frequently-Asked-Questions#24-is-bluetooth-50-supported-what-bluetooth-profiles-are-supported

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