Who is in Aspen Batch?

Question: Out of curiosity, has anyone been successfully added to batch Aspen?

Was curious if maybe it was a developer only launch or actually general public.


If it’s a dev only batch, then Purism lied to everybody. Plain and simple. We’ll see how this develops over the next few weeks.


I start to believe it was an internal shipment only…

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I expect Purism employees/board members got the first few. Regular folks will be receiving Aspen by the end of the shipping window (otherwise there wouldn’t be a point in announcing Aspen in the first place)


Why announce that the shipping of the first batch has started if it was only for the employees/board members? It sound dodgy to me…


Maybe they’ve run out of money and were hoping the announcement would drum up some extra sales and cash. Or maybe they’ve run into some newfound manufacturing related snafus that they didn’t see coming. There are any number of possible scenarios that could explain the way things are going.

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They probably backed the project before the general public did. I imagine that everyone, if not most, that works there wants the phone, and knew of the campaign before the public did. Maybe they told some of their friends about it. Eating your own dog food is a good policy. Unless the first batch is really small, there should be pubic backers in there too.


Hmmm. Shipping window for Aspen opened just 5 days and a bit ago. Do you really expect a progress bar telling how many units already shipped? That is not a reasonable expectation.

Not everyone is going to yell to the world that they got their units. I’m certainly not. (Also, I’m most likely not in the Aspen batch, and even if I was, the shipping time to my country is at least one month - with customs holdup included).

Those phones are not going to pop instantly at their destinations. Things take time.


Apparently no one in this forum has received the email with the choice of the modem yet, and there are some people here that ordered the phone on day one. That’s a bit suspicious, but let’s wait (again) and see…


Same here - likely two or three weeks from leaving Purism to when I have it in my hand, taking into account international transport, delays in Customs, then domestic transport.

Even so, as @deedend points out, we would know if we had received an email asking for modem / power supply choices. That has to be happen before the “shipping clock” even starts.

Expect? No. Would I like one? Sure. There’s a reason why computers show progress bars. It is considered good UI. :slight_smile:

However a progress bar wouldn’t really help unless they also told each backer / pre-orderer where we are in the queue.


That’s the main point!!