Why are there no Librem One apps on Pure OS?

Hello everyone,

I’m in the process of reviewing the Librem 5 USA for my website https://librefree.me and I main Pure OS on my desktop OS of choice. That is to say, I have a lot of experience with Pure OS. One thing I find odd then is the lack of Librem One branded applications in the Pure OS store. I’m aware third party clients exist for things like Mastodon, Matrix, K9 Mail and Open VPN, and I’m aware you can use a lot of these services in the browser.

However, for anyone new to Pure OS or Linux overall, I think having quick access to these apps/services they just signed up for would be really beneficial. I understand why these applications exist already for iOS and Android, but I think it gives off the wrong impression not being available for your own platform.

Just my two cents, what are your opinions?



I agree that it looks bad to only provide Android and iOS versions of Librem One apps, but probably it comes down to limited resources for development, there are simply other things that have higher priority right now, like getting basic functionality on the Librem 5, for example a simple calendar app is still missing.



Yes I did, let me correct that!


It is good question!
I signed up yesterday for the service, so far I succeeded with a lot of help from Irvinwade and other members of the forum to get the tunnel up and running.
Now how are we going to benefit from the other services in the package?
If I understand the written word than for instance the Librem mail service has to piggyback on a mail service compatible with PureOS?
And how to download Librem Mail onto the Librem 5?
Thank you :pray:

Another question, Geary Mail can be used for running Librem mail? Or do I have it all backwards?

Librem mail is a service, you need a client like Geary to run it.

Thank you Dan,
Appreciate the help!

I tried to enter my mail address, username and password but cannot save the newly created mail address. What am I missing here?

Solved! Don’t mind me.

“for example a simple calendar app is still missing”

Can’t you just use gnome “evolution” (Mail,Calendar, Notes and so on) for this?! For Syncing and sharing use “syncthing/CalDAV” ?

Are you saying it fits on the phone screen? I admit I have not tried it.

Received my L5 about a month ago and am generally satisfied. However, the Geary mail app can’t connect to my main Comcast account (I have two Comcast accounts, Geary is only able to access my secondary one.) As much as I’d like to purchase the Librem One bundle, I won’t if the Mail app piggybacks on a different client, because AFAICT there is no other GUI mail app that scales to a phone screen and is usable. Thunderbird, Evolution, ClawsMail, etc. are pretty much useless to me on the L5. I understand that most of these clients are not developed for a phone screen. So until a mail app can be developed for a phone screen without needing to be scaled-to-fit, I’m going to hold off on Librem One.