Why are there no Librem One apps on Pure OS?

Hello everyone,

I’m in the process of reviewing the Librem 5 USA for my website https://librefree.me and I main Pure OS on my desktop OS of choice. That is to say, I have a lot of experience with Pure OS. One thing I find odd then is the lack of Librem One branded applications in the Pure OS store. I’m aware third party clients exist for things like Mastodon, Matrix, K9 Mail and Open VPN, and I’m aware you can use a lot of these services in the browser.

However, for anyone new to Pure OS or Linux overall, I think having quick access to these apps/services they just signed up for would be really beneficial. I understand why these applications exist already for iOS and Android, but I think it gives off the wrong impression not being available for your own platform.

Just my two cents, what are your opinions?


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I agree that it looks bad to only provide Android and iOS versions of Librem One apps, but probably it comes down to limited resources for development, there are simply other things that have higher priority right now, like getting basic functionality on the Librem 5, for example a simple calendar app is still missing.


Yes I did, let me correct that!