Why does it look like my hard drive is externally mounted?

I’m not sure if this is a result of an update, or if I should be concerned, but my internal storage is being displayed as an external device. This is new, and was not appearing like this yesterday, to the best of my knowledge. Here is a photo:

As you can see, in both the file system window, and on the top bar, I have the option to eject my internal partitions. I feel like neither the the tmp/ folder, boot/ folder, or (especially) the root folder should be listed as options to eject. I know you can do this through the command line, but why are there buttons for it now? Is this a result of a recent update or is something weird going on that I need to look into?

I can definitely see myself attempting to unplug my flash drive and accidentally unmounting my root file system because of this.

i have a samsung ssd as my primary install os - separate partition for uefi - one for boot and os and the third left unused unformated for ssd life. only when i connect other hdds, thumb drives and in general removable stuff does it apper as ejactable. it is better like this because you can use the disks app to not only eject the devices but also manually cut power and safely remove.

have you clean installed the OS onto the HDD ? is it a dual boot ?

Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t logged in here for some time. No I have not clean installed the OS but I also bought the Librem 13v3. The laptop came like this, with PureOS preinstalled as the primary operating system, no dual boot.

I suppose I could reinstall the OS but that seems like a drastic first step and I would rather not do that.

@executionByFork you might want to check what gnome version you are running and if you actually have the “Disks” app installed.