Why does the Librem 5 have bevelled edges, and what does this mean for alternative compositors?

This is very worrying to me, as this might cut off part of the user interface in many compositors as well as clash with elements which are not solid black. Image for reference:


This is a relatively common design choice and I suspect that most software either already can sense the screen area or will be improved to sense the screen area and adapt accordingly. I say improved as over time this will allow for circular watch displays and other display shapes for different purposes without having to manually specify screen shape.

Sure this may mean some things don’t work out of the box but that was already expected just by going to the phone form factor to begin with. Long term this will cause positive change even if this isn’t some people’s preferred design choice.

I was personally expecting it to work fine with any software if a keyboard and mouse were plugged in, and possibly with a different window manager; one of my plans was to use a desktop compositor with my keyboard and mouse when I needed to use desktop software.

The rounded corners will go away in the future.


That’s a huge relief! Which batch? I should probably change to it.

I don’t actually have info on the batch, but I expect this to be sooner rather than later.


Another factor here is that the phone, if cited dimensions are actually correct is some 14-15 mm thick and having the beveling may allow for a more sturdy case as the sides are shortened in this configuration. A 14-15-mm thick quadrangular box may not be as easily kept intact as one where stresses are redirected from the long planes into the side walls directly as versus at some linear intersects. Having minor strikes may make a thick box with thin lines of attachment may make it prone to breakage.

I think you are confusing screen with frame/case. The screen can have squared corners while the frame has rounded corners much like the Samsung Galaxy J7 I hold in my hand (and I’m sure many others).

I don’t know of a single compositor that cares about the shape of the monitor bezel as it interfaces with the LCD/oled panel not the plastic/metal outside it :wink:


the L5 is “dangerous” enough as it is. surely a beveled edge serves to take the edge off no ?

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The Librem 5 with rounded display will then be a rare collectors item. Now everyone will want one! :wink:


I think all the early Librem5 batches will be rare collector items :wink:


I’m somehow hoping they’ll have a number engraved on the inside of the back.
Plus a shape of their particular tree.
Plus autographs of all you dudes and dudettes.

Else i’ll be disappointed. For a second. :wink:


Signatures on the branches like a Purism family tree

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This is true!

Yeah that’d be great! I had actually thought the same but I’d be happy with it on the box. Or on a sheet in the box even. :slight_smile:


instead of a number everyone could individually engrave their own name on the inside of the back.
aluminium is a pretty “forgiving” metal.

Any update?

I know you weren’t addressing me but I believe the screens no longer have rounded corners since Chestnut. Was that what you were asking?

Yes, since in the latest video about desktop Firefox, the rounded corners still exist.

I have no updates to offer, but it’s definitely still our intention to get rid of rounded corners for Evergreen the latest, so they’ll stay there only if it turns out to be impossible for some reason.


Sorry about that. Not sure why I thought they weren’t round in Chestnut… :confused:

Edit: I remembered why I thought that, it was this comment:

I wonder if maybe the Reddit poster misunderstood the question. That is, assuming everyone got the same display.

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