Why firejail not working properly


i have a question but its important to understand that i am new with linux so i don’t understand a lot of it yet.

At the moment i am using Pureos (which is debian based) and i am trying to figure out how to work with Firejail.

So i installed firejail and firetools from software manager. then i did ‘sudo firecfg’ in terminal to integrate Firejail with my desktop environment. This will sandbox automatically all applications supported by default right?.

Well not in my case, a lot of programs do not start in firejail/sandbox.

They are not showing op in de firejail list (‘firejail --list’)

Lets get firefox as example: if i want to start Firefox manually in terminal ‘firejail firefox’ it says:

networking feature is disabled in Firejail configuration file Seccomp list in: !chroot, check list: u/default-keep, prelist: unknown, Parent pid 6364, child pid 6367 Warning: An abstract unix socket for session D-BUS might still be available. Use --net or remove unix from --protocol set. Seccomp list in: !chroot, check list: u/default-keep, prelist: unknown, Child process initialized in 234.00 ms Error: no suitable firefox executable found

Parent is shutting down, bye...

These errors i got most of the programs i use.
So someone translate me what this means and how to fix this?