Why is Purism on Facebook?


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I found gnu.social, as a replacement for Mastodon, but there are not many open instances, at least I found little.
Diaspora or Hubzilla instead of Facebook
Instead of instagram https://pixelfed.social/
libre.fm, well let me not use spotify alternative but interesting enough
There was one video platform as well which I forgot ;( as youtube replacement. Not too shabby either.


Peertube? Decentralized social media network.


Thanks. Yes that was it.


I myself am partial to BitChute. It uses cool technology, supports free speech and many prominent youtubers have already joined it.


I don’t know; BitChute is a company who controls the servers. If they change their minds or their policies then you are not really better off. Decentralized solutions offer the best options I think in this regard. If you self host, you are the steward. You can determine what is not permitted and what is.

I personally prefer this.


Nothing for me to argue about that. Historically speaking however, fully decentralized platforms don’t fare so well with people with large followings. Even more so with video sharing platforms. Think of the costs of storing and maintaining a mere one thousand full HD videos. There are advantages to keeping them somewhere in a centralized fashion.


100%! Videos are large, and many peoples private ISPs will probably site a breach of service if you use it with many followers. Youtube consumes tons of bandwidth, and I imagine peertube does as well.


True, but I doubt sites like YouTube or BitChute use consumer grade internet access.


Bitchute no. But a self hosted Peertube instance most likely will.


Anyway, companies can be moral actors if they have the incentive to be so. I therefore think it’s not that important what platform you use as long as the legal framework under which it runs is conducive to good practices. That’s why something like an internet bill of rights is more important than any particular platform or technology one might use. I also think we as a people have evolved beyond being trapped into monopolies like we had in the past. So, let the free market take care of it, I say.